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Old naturopath used to cure acne
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Published: 17 years ago

Old naturopath used to cure acne

My old doctor, the late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., cured his Acne patients by testing for food intolerances using the O.G. Carroll food intolerance Test which has nothing to do with immune-related allergies. These are digestive/enzyme deficient problems, basically foods that are incompatible with basic body chemistry. Everyone has them, due to ancestry, etc. For example, he said that all minority races except for a couple of African tribes and many caucasions lack digestive enzymes for cow's milk. They just don't know it because you don't get the same reaction from improperly digested foods as you do when the immune system is involved. What happens is that fats get rancid, proteins putrefy, and fruits ferment, and the byproducts absorb into the system where they are taken in as toxins by any tissues that lack the strength to resist them, so the individuals response is entirely based on their makeup and constitution. By removing the offending foods, food groups, or food combinations from the diet permanently, a major source of toxicity is removed, while a great burden on the immune system is simutaneously lifted. He also used tissue salts to treat these deficiency states, and glandular protomorphogens to heal sick glands and organs, and then Constitutional Hydrotherapy to improve blood circulations and stimulate the immune system. The main component of hydrotherapy can be done at home with a few towels. I will be putting a page on my website soon explaining the whole thing. Meanwhile, look at this web page for for more information on the history and the process of testing and treatment on this page:
My own doctor now, the daughter of Dr. Dick--Dr. Letitia Dick-Watrous , is currently the reigning master of the testing and treatments, which required a complete departure from conventional naturopathic training, and a private internship with Dr. Carroll or someone he trained. Dr. Watrous is in the direct line of descent, so to speak. There are only a handful of these doctors in the country who know the test and treatment, but they succeed where so many others fail. I know--that's why I'm alive now.

Also, I found something a few months ago that might be of help to all, no matter what they are dealing with-- a "mineral" drink with all of the minerals known to man (and the human body) in organic form, in proper balance and ratios with other minerals, that is completely assimilable because when diluted it has the same makeup as blood plasma and amniotic fluid, in perfected form. I'm talking about seawater-- (read the Science and look at the photos) Besides being the only thing that has made a noticible difference since getting my diet straightened out 25 years ago, I'm even giving it to a very sick dog who has made improvements in just 2 days (also giving her the Budwig protein-oil mix).

Warning: if you should happen to go to my website home page, which is actually preceeded by an intro/warning page you must enter through, know that there are extremely GRAPHIC photos that shock some people.

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