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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning


I am 37 and about to go see a Dentist for the first time in a year. The last dentist scheduled me in 3-4 times for cleaning and x-ray etc., before he could even look to my 30 yr old cracked mercury capped cavities. By the 4th appt. & after my 3rd treatment for cleaning, I was turned off by that dentist. I was so fed-up that I actually looked at my procedures on my statements and found he was charging me extra, a la carte this & that for no reason medications, and mouth wash rinses for $50 a cc (not covered. After a major refund on the excess I paid (I reported him), I am back to have another dentist look into my dangerous teeth.

I have serious medical conditions associated with Vertigo and ringing in the ear, dizziness, headaches, mood swings when tired, low Sugar feeling (diabetes negative) altitude problems when flying (cabin pressure) or going over hills on highways. major sea (motion) sickness, I am talking MAJOR (embarrassing). Can't dive more than 5 feet or the ears feel like they will explode. Mouth tastes like metal. I sometimes hear a buzz like static. My fingers and joints hurt like Arthritis pain. My lip, eye twitches. I have 20/55 vision and wear glasses since 1974.

When I eat or bite into cold ice cream or feel cold drinks I get severe pain on all my teeth. If I accidentally bite into a foil food wrapping and the metal touches my teeth I get a sudden jolting pain like a needle shot into my teeth. Absolute terror.

I can't stand humming of trucks, engines, vacuums, vents, air conditioners, vibrations from speakers, or high-pitched sounds from blocks away. I can't sleep at night, I never go to bed before midnight even when I have to get up early to catch a flight, go fishing or go to Las Vegas. Any downtown noise and smells give me headaches within the first 20 minutes of arriving and upon returning I need to take a 2-hour nap. When we go to Los Alamos, New Mexico, I need to take a lot of naps for at least 48 hours before I can feel normal.

I get joint pains, twitching, and muscle spasms on my feet and thighs, and I have "fat tumors" on my back. I had a 2"x2"x1" benign tumor removed from my left breast in 2000. I was misdiagnosed with fibrocystic disease for two years before a radiologist found it and by then it was an acute chronic infection giving me fevers and such. I have severe psoriasis? I use moisture soap and Nivea enriched milk lotion and Baby Oil on my skin but my skin is still very dry even though I drink a lot of water and I urinate 3 times more than the average person at any age (my whole life). I get up at night about three times to go.

I have emotional outbursts and crying fits that I almost feel that my body is falling apart. I was a gymnast in school, an honors student, and I am still a high achiever except that now with my age, the physical illness and the dread of going to another dentist has me nervous. I vist the Dr. about 1-3 times a month.

I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed since my pregnancy 10 years ago but the dentist at the time suggested I wait until after the baby was born, I waited about 8 years.....

When I did get the courage that dentist took advantage of me.

I need to have all the mercury fillings replaced. My insurance will only pay to have them replaced with the desirable "white composite" if the old fillings are decayed and cracked. Otherwise they consider it cosmetic.

In 1975-1976 I had these fillings put in. My husband is 30 yrs. old and is almost as old as my fillings. I think time is on my side and I am sure I will have them replaced but I am worried about having a dentist that will not know what he is doing or how to avoid any "leaks" and making sure the entire filling has been completely removed and if I will have the proper breathing apparatus.

By the way, regarding metal mixtures: I work in the office of a huge aluminum melting facility. I am not directly with the furnaces or near them but I can imagine the ventilation systems in this old building must be having some effect (?)

One more thing, my oldest cousin 45 yrs. old, recently had her thyroid removed and she had 3rd stage cancer, is undergoing radiation and her daughter the "Dental Assistant", has been recently diagnosed with Graves disease. My younger sister (30) also has Graves disease and a heart condition she doesn't want to talk about but takes medicine for, and they all think it's God's will. I am not too sure. All of us sisters and cousins (11) have been tested within the last year after my cousin was discovered to have cancer. Some of the symptoms our different Dr.'s mentioned in women with Thyroid Disease or Graves disease say that there is a hormonal problem and that emotional outburst and irritability is common. We are all high strung and all this time thought it was the female family genes, now we decide it's the thyroid thing... next it will be blame it on the mercury in our teeth?

Why are we being poisoned and why is there little movement in Congress with the Lobbying organizations that seem to be swayed by the HMO's? There isn't enough to put a stop to this mercury mania.

I am not going to walk into my new dentist office to allow him to put mercury in my mouth. What person in their right educated and informed mind would allow this? What about pregnant women? I am planning on having another baby before I am 40, do you know about what dangers or side effect to a fetus when the mother is possibly poisoned? (I had an absolutely perfect pregnancy 10 yrs. ago and had no problems at all.) I hope to have a second good pregnancy but if there is a leak when they remove the fillings, what if any are the long term contaminations, spreads, growth and exposure time period until it is safely out of your system after detoxification?

I am going on and on but I am so interested in this phenomenon and the understanding that my symptoms are not in my head (as my husband says) that I am not a hypochondriac as my Dr. thinks (I hate taking pills, if there are side effects, I get them and I discontinue or I don't even get the Rx filled) and that I am NOT depressed as my therapist thinks. I am not insecure, like my body (looks) and I don't hate life and I am not compulsive, I just forget things and I have short-term memory and I need to write things down. I grew-up in a loud big, big house and yelling was a way to communicate but when I feel that my blood rushes and I want to explode, it is literally out of a desire to just run to fresh air, it feels like there isn't enough oxygen going to the brain. I am not unhappy with myself, I love myself but sometimes I feel tired, tired, tired and no motivation. I am a perfectionist and a great cook and I am involved with my gifted son at school. I volunteer and enjoy socializing but there are days when the world feels like a big cloud and nothing is "real" like I am in a dream that if I just stay inside then I won't have humming pain in my ears from traffic, I won't have to eat something that gets me sick on the street, I will not have a dizzy spell or have to run to find a bathroom....When I do go out I pack emergency kits in case of ANYTHING. I have high allergy to fabrics and intense reaction to smells (foods, chemicals, dogs, cats, perfumes and people's homes). I can't eat certain foods like onion because gets me violently ill for hours.

My husband says I need "help", I have tried everyone and no one can really help me. I can't say that I have ever really felt 100% healthy anytime in my life. I am a handful but I have this curious mind with the desire to know everything. Maybe ignorance was bliss. You have opened a pandora's box for me. Thanks.

One more thing, I had a blood transfusion at age 3 from my grandfather in 1969. If he had mercury poisoning would that be transferred to me? He is dead now and the reason he donated his blood is because we both had RH Negative type blood.

I appreciate the work you have put into your research. You are such a big help to others. Keep up the good work.


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