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Issue 67: My personal experience with the big "C"
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Published: 20 years ago

Issue 67: My personal experience with the big "C"

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My personal experience with the big "C"
by Julie

Story published at:

This page is dedicated in loving memory to my uncle Denny
who lost his battle with cancer in 1999.
He trusted his doctors...
I wish they would have told him the truth...

My Story

I don't know what kind of cancer you have... mine started in my uterus, then metastasized (spread) from there.

I let the doctors treat my cancer for about 5 years, taking radiation, surgeries, chemotherapy... whatever they said was necessary...

I was only an experiment for the doctors to practice on ... one of them even told me he didn't expect to "cure" me, just buy me some extra time... but the extra time was not of good quality... I spent most of it between laying on the couch feeling nauseous, and in the hospital being treated like a human pin cushion. I lost all my hair, eyelashes and all, I hurt all over, there was no such thing as "comfortable".

We moved from Florida to Northern California to be closer to my dad and needed prayer and support from family.
*Thanks Dad*

My sister Cheryl, in southern Cal sent me a case of vitamins, herbs, and supplements that helped her son went he had cancer. I agreed to take them. I noticed while taking them, the nausea and vomiting I had for years had subsided.
By that time I was at stage 4...the final stage of cancer, there is usually no remission from there...
it had spread throughout my lymph system and I had tumors the size of golf balls that you could actually see through the skin on my neck, there were larger tumors in my abdomen, they were everywhere, other systems and organs began to fail, I was very sick.

I never was a very religious person before, but I began praying all the time, and building a personal relationship with God.

Finally, I realized the treatments were not doing me any good, only causing me more health problems, I had enough,
I asked the doctors when we were going to quit, we had tried it all... They said we could stop treatments whenever I was ready, and that I could come back to them to manage the pain in my final days.

That was a really scary thought but I was ready... we quit treatments ...

I have 2 kids (11 & 13 now) I didn't want them to see me living like that, just dying slowly, getting sicker every day, I didn't want them to have to take care of me.

I had been taking the stuff my sister sent me
*Thanks Cheryl*

I went to the health food store to get more, The lady working there told me about a new holistic cancer support group that was meeting for the first time later that week...
It was started by a cancer survivor named Barbara Bolton who learned about alternative therapies through personal experience and wanted to share her information.
*Thanks Barbara*

I started going to the meetings and met a lot of people who had cancer too, and we all shared our stories. Some had only taken natural therapies with amazing results, some conventional, and some combined natural with conventional... I learned a lot about cancer, cancer doctors (oncologists), the money and politics involved in the whole cancer industry, various natural remedies, and Choices.

I decided that I should learn and do all I could to take charge of my own health...
Well, I went back to the hospital to have the chemo port in my chest removed, bought tons of books, vitamins, herbs, supplements, teas (Essiac, Red Clover, Ip-Roxo, and Chapparal), ate only natural, vegetarian, organic, unprocessed foods, and juiced fruits & vegetables, did special exercises, practiced yoga, and meditation, had days of fasting, went to meetings, and prayed all the time. I also tried some other experimental remedies and began seeing a naturopatic doctor.

All that really strengthened my immune system and I was feeling a lot better, but, after about a year of that, people were starting to think I was some kind of obsessed fanatic... my time was all consumed by just trying to stay alive, there was no time for living, It was a lot of work, from the minute I woke up, to the minute I went to sleep, it's all I could do (drink this tea, then this one, take this handful of supplements, juice some veggies, drink this tea, take this handful of herbs, wash more veggies, clean out the juicer for the third time today... do these exercises, drink this tea, etc, etc...) although it was making me feel better I knew this wasn't "normal" for me either, I would have to continue doing these things the rest of my life, just to stay alive, and I Still had cancer.

I just wanted to die quickly, and make the most of what time I had left, eat normal food, and stop spending all my family's living money on myself, (we were living on my disability social security & couldn't keep up with the bills) I was losing people I had grown close to, young people, Pete, Darryl, Liz, all to cancer, all around me, I couldn't take anymore.

I figured I was on borrowed time anyway... so I quit doing it all... then I got sick again... this time it happened very suddenly ... it seemed to return with a vengeance... I couldn't turn my head to the side at all, or stand up without getting weak and dizzy. I thought I had about 2 weeks left to live.

I was sure this was it... my ex-husband moved back in to take care of the kids. All I could do was pray, and look back at all the years of my life gone by, never having been truly happy, wishing I could have another chance. I wished I would have done something differently, I felt like a failure. Now I was planning my death, I made my peace with God, I wasn't scared of dying, but I worried about my children's future, They were having a difficult enough life, how would they get along without their mom? It wasn't fair to them.

I felt desperate & called Dale Reynolds, a friend and cancer survivor from the support group, who had been trying for months to convince me to "just try one more thing" (Hydrazine Sulfate)

He told me that it is non-toxic, costs next to nothing, and does not leave the lasting effects of chemo, radiation, & surgery (which kill the good cells along with the bad ones)...

He even said that he would buy it for me if I would just try it.
*Thanks Dale*

He wanted me to test it because I had visible tumors that we could monitor
so I said I would try it, but that would be the last thing I try... if it worked... Great... if not... then it wasn't meant to...

I gave myself up to The Lord and decided if it's my time to go I wasn't going to resist anymore... I had already put up one heck of a fight!

I was tired, mentally and physically...

Although I didn't have much faith in it, I took the Hydrazine for one week and started feeling sicker (like chemo), but noticed the tumors in my neck were changing, first getting harder, than mushy... it was very scary.

I couldn't call anyone for advice because I didn't know anyone else who had taken it... I was the local Guinea-pig.
I took it for one more week, then had to stop because I got even sicker, I wasn't sure if it was making me better or worse, but within 3 weeks from the start of taking it, the tumors had dissolved, you could not see them in my neck, and I began to feel alive again! It felt like I had a new chance at life... I went back to normal living...
I couldn't wait to go out for prime rib! LOL

Since I didn't use it for the full seven week course, six months later I had a relapse, there were still some cancerous cells somewhere that got left behind, the tumors began to reform, I used the Hydrazine again... with the same reaction. I called Dale to ask why it made me so sick, it's supposed to be non-toxic. Since it worked so well for me the first time, he had been telling a lot of people about it... they discovered that the sickness I felt from it was like a healing crises (when you get sicker before you get better), what was happening was that it was having such a profound effect on the tumors, the toxins from the cancer were breaking free and rushing through my body, causing me to feel sicker.
Since it made me feel so sick I wasn't able to take it for the full seven week course, but it still worked!

It's been over 2 years since I last took any, I am now healthier than I've been since I can remember, and my doctor's report is this: 'No Evidence of cancer' (and they think They "cured me"!)
Now I am celebrating, appreciating, and enjoying life to the fullest extent, with no regrets...
I know how precious life is, every moment... and I am HAPPY :) Every day I thank God for all the gifts in my life!

Now, a lot of people I know have used Hydrazine, but every-one is unique and individual. Just like conventional treatment, one remedy does not fit all...

But You Do have a choice... it is Your life, Not the doctors, or the pharmaceutical companies. It's Your Choice!

You often see cancer survivors on TV who are thanking the cancer industry, and pharmaceutical companies (those commercials are funded by the cancer industry) but what you don't see is all their many more patients that lose their lives every day, or all the survivors who have found a natural cure! We are out there... The cancer industry just keeps us from sharing our information! They know that if everyone knew about this kind of stuff, they wouldn't make as much money of their patients.

Quote from my sister Rhonda:

"It's disgusting that the medical "profession" bleeds a dying person dry, of health, hope & money. I'm sure, to some degree, their hands are tied, by the government/insurance companies. Most doctors really do want to heal their patients."

*Thanks Rhonda*

I do not sell this product or have anything to gain from telling people about it, I just want to try to spare others from going through something so devastating, and hope to make a difference by sharing my experience with you.

I got mine from a local health food store for $20 a bottle (which is why doctors don't tell you about it... they cannot patent it or make money off it... sad, but true) normally it takes a bottle & a half to take the full seven week course, but with me, I never even used a full bottle... also there is a very important dietary limitation... you cannot eat cheese, nuts, or anything else fermented or take certain medications while taking it... it will counter-act the effects of the Hydrazine.

I have included a page below that explains more about how it works, and gives you more info about the dietary restrictions.

I hope you will check it out, and see if it is something you might be interested in... Best of luck to you... I will keep you in my prayers! Feel free to e-mail me, if you want more information, or just want to talk to someone who knows what you're going through, I would love to hear your story too.

Take Care & God Bless You,

Julie 6/20/2000


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