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Re: Please,How to use Sota Silver Pulser?

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Please,How to use Sota Silver Pulser?

Perhaps this info will be of help to you.

FYI, the Silver Pulser is a "dual use" product. One use is for making Ionic Silver, the other use goes by various names including "Bio-tuner", "bio-probe" and "blood purification". Doesn't matter which name we choose to call the latter, it's based on a protocol developed by the late Dr. Robert Beck. Your original inquiry did not clarify which use you are trying, I'll assume it's the latter blood-electrification.

Step 1 - read all of the information in the link provided at the top, this will help familiarize you with the product and possibly answer some questions for you.

Step 2 - plug the DIN end of the bio probe into the pulser unit, this will leave you with two short/stubby silver probes dangling from the other end of the cable. These two probes need to be attached to pulse points on your wrist, but before you do this, you want to slip a cotton sleave over each probes. A set of sleaves is included with the purchase of this kit. If your friend forgot to give you these, you can improvise by making some crude sleaves out of cotton balls. One cotton ball can easily be pulled apart to make several crude sleaves. The point is - you do not want the bare metal of the probes directly touching your wrist/pulse points. You also want to moisten (IE> do not drench/soak, just make a little wet) the sleaves with a bit of water to promote good contact with your wrist. It does not matter which wrist you choose, the general idea is you do one wrist on day one, the other wrist day two, then continue to alternate. The pulser kit should have included a velcro strap that helps to get the probes attached to your wrist.

Step 2B - pick a wrist, either wrist, and locate the radial pulse points (2). Lets assume the left hand. Prentend you are a nurse taking your own pulse, each wrist has two pulse poitns. With the left palm facing up, the radial pulse points will be found approximately 1 to 2 inches below the point where the palm of your hand flexes at the wrist; each pulse point will be a bit off center of the wrist, one towards the edge of the wrist on the same side as the thumb, the other towards the edge of the wrist on the same side as the pinky. Once you find each, lay a probe on it. It's not easy to do this part alone as it really requires 3 hands to do this, but with some practice, you'll get the hang of it. The probes are placed on the wrist so that the tips of the probes are pointing lengthwise towards your finger tips. In other words, you do not want to lay the probes sideways so that they point perpendicular to your arm/wrist. The idea is, after you lay each probe on a pulse point, then you need to wrap the velcro strap around the wrist and both probes to hold them in place. Don't make it too tight, just snug enough to hold the probes in good contact with the wrist. Good luck.

3 - note that when running the Silver Pulser in Blood Electrification mode, it can only be powered by an internal battery. The option to power via the external AC/DC converter is only for making Ionic Colloidal Silver .

Step 4 - The general idea is to start off with fairly low intensity for short duration - like 20 to 30 minutes for two days or so, then after the first few days and your body is starting to adapt, gradually increase the duration and the inensity. It is not necessary to have the intesity turned all the way to maximum in order to get benefit. In fact, you will know when the intensity up too high, you will find that your wrist/fingers will strongly contract (a knotted fist) each time the pulser pulses - turn the intensity down if this happens.


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