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Question for Agnes
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Published: 21 years ago

Question for Agnes


About two months ago I posted a letter on the site. I am 37 years old and was in severe pain, and told by a surgeon that I needed to have my gallbladder removed. Any time I ate something with the slightest amount of fat in it, I would end up having a "severe" attack. Then I found your site and started reading the testimonials.

Anyway, after gathering all of the information that I could, I decided to order two bottles of Gold Coin Grass, and took it religiously every morning for about a month and a half. Yesterday, I decided to do the flush, and finished the procedure this morning.

Three days prior to doing the flush, I drank a lot of apple juice. On the treatment day, I did not eat past noon. However, consumed a gallon of Apple Juice (naturally pressed) before 4 PM. Following this, I drank the Epsom Salts /grapefruit drink at 6PM, 8PM, and the Olive-Oil (half cup-extra virgin cold pressed)/Grapefruit drink at 10PM and fell asleep on my right side...with my right knee pulled up to my chest. The following morning, I got up at 5AM and waited until 6AM and repeated the Epsom Salts /grapefruit drink.

Agnes, throughout the course of the day I made five trips (maybe because of the apple juice and Epsom Salts ) to the bathroom and passed this stuff out. They were just like your readers said they would look like. I would say that I passed anywhere from 25 to 75 larger pea size "composite" looking things which were green coated, maybe 100 finer items the size of a BB (i.e., from a BB gun), and during the last two bowel movements, passed what appeared to look like "sand like" material. Admittedly, I was very surprised by this, and felt 100 percent better today.

Agnes, I am somewhat confused though. I looked at several of these and they did not appear to be "stones" at all, but rather softer green material (although composite and rock looking) that were easy to break apart, and only seemed semi-solidified. Here is my question.....were these gallstones, or stones from my liver? Could it be that the Gold Coin Grass totally softened them from the gall bladder, or did they come from my liver? I haven't a clue. But nonetheless, I felt much better today and actually sat down with my daughter and had fried catfish for dinner and felt wonderful....something which would have sent me to the emergency room several months ago. Whatever came out (and came out it did), it certainly seems to have worked, and was not painful at all.

Thank you for the site and all of your work Agnes, and I plan on doing one more flush in two weeks, and one every 6 months thereafter for the rest of my life. So, in closing, what do you think those substances were from.....from the liver, or the gall bladder? Thanks Agnes

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