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Re: Flush 2
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Flush 2

From: "Dale Williams"
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 22:39:25 -0700
Subject: Re: [gallstones] Re: Flush 2


I hope this helps you to understand my situation a little bit better.

I have not only had Gallstones but also have a situation from a past disease
that is much too often a death sentence for those who have it. I have been
diagnosed as having had Hepatitis C or what was known as Serum Hepatitis and
Hepatitis A. I got Hepatitis C around 1968 but recovered from that,
somewhat. These showed up when I had my last blood tests done in November of
'99' after the liver attack I had because of having avoiding all fats,
including those that are considered as necessary as Essential Fatty Acids,
while attempting to rid my gallbladder of the stone that the doctors had
said I had.

The problem I'm up against is keeping my liver in the best condition I can
by eating the least amounts of saturated and hydrogenated fats that I can
and then too moderating just how many beverages with an alcohol content are
consumed. I'm very sensitive to my liver's condition and therefore tend to
feel it more than I would care to 'really' know it's there. I'd like it to
be working more in stealth like most all organs should normally work but
just plain eating tends to bring is to life and notability.

So, it's because of the Hepatitis C and A that I have the discomfort but not
what I can call pain. It really is just an annoyance more than anything
else. My last ultrasound also showed my liver looked healthy too but did
have enlarged bile ducts. I believe this is because of the flushes having
caused some stretching of them for a time period. I don't know how things
look today as I've not had any reason to go to the doctor or the hospital
for the last two and a half years. I thank Dr. Sandra Cabot for having
provided me the right information so that I could have some idea as to what
to do to take good care of my liver and therefore my general health.

I still do flushes. In fact I just did one yesterday. However, I do a flush
that I've developed to work along with the colonics I get, when I get the
time to go get them. It really is quite easy and quick compared to all the
other methods that are being discussed on this group.

Since when I get my colonics I do the controlling of my water supply and
waste I can tend to get myself more of what are known as liver dumps than
the colonist working the controls can do for me. I noted that my first
experience with attempting this I had some of the most definitive of liver
dumps I'd had to that date and the next day I had Gallstones show in the
first movement in the morning. How do I know they were gallstones? I picked
them out and opened them up. So, since that first experiment I now try to
make sure of the time I'm to get my colonic and take around three to four
ounces of extra virgin olive oil mixed with just plain old out of the waxed
paper container, not from concentrate, grapefruit juice around two to three
hours before I'm to be hooked up.

Did I get out any stones yesterday? Yeppers.... I got to take note of some
passing in the viewing tube and then when I got home and had to go one more
time before bed there were around ten or more small cholesterol stones in
the water with some flakes. I only checked two of them to make sure they
were stones. Did any show this morning? Nope.

One thing to note about the ones I checked was that because they were not
well formed I would be of the belief that they really were more likely from
the liver.


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