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Re: Beck Protocol Results: Six MONTHS. Additional information and history of symptoms.

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Beck Protocol Results: Six MONTHS. Additional information and history of symptoms.

Great feedback everyone. I've made some changes to the program and will continue. Also some information that you might find relavent or at least interesting.

First of all, my symptoms have never been severe however last fall they were worsening at a faster pace. The stress of finding out I was HIV positive in the spring of 2004 significantly escalated the progression of symptoms. The symptoms were skin and gastric related mostly( they still are but MUCH milder). I also developed bad sinus and lung congestion last fall thats since diminished. I sincerely believe that getting on the Beck Protocol has arrested and reversed the symptoms. Incedentally, I never had issues with herbs or supplements while I was zapping. I'm not sure why some people are sensitive but I am not in the least. I can drink a beer and zap at the same time...not that I recommend that!

I can't trace the origin of the disease because I never got sick. The only two times I've had flu like symptoms or malaise I had food poisoning and Dengue Fever (I lived in Asia for a while). (I tested negative for HIV following the episode with Dengue Fever but I don't discount this as a possible precurser to testing HIV positive. As I said before though, I'm in the high risk group so who knows.)

I got the "classic" symptoms shortly AFTER I tested positive last spring. By that I mean, I got a sore throat and mono type symptoms and a mild fever. The sore throat became a sore esophagus and literally traveled all the way to the stomach. It was weird. Once in the stomach, the symptoms looked like Candida...a major yeast infection (I'm a guy by the way...)! I got thrush and other yeast related symptoms. I couldn't eat anything sweet without doubling over. Ultimately I tamed this problem with Threelac, a natural remedy I found after a lot of research online. Threelac scavenges yeast. It took months to recover from this.

After accepting the diagnosis of HIV (you go through all the stages of dieing...fear, anger, denial, blame acceptance etc) my first attempt at a natural remedy was 5000PPM Colloidal Silver (mild silver protein actually). I drank 1/2 bottle a day (6 tbs). I never did turn blue by the way. This did help clear up any yeast related infections but it didn't touch my sinus and chest congestion issues. The guys at Invive insist that you can cure Aids with proper administration of CS. I went through 18 bottles and decided at this rate I'd go broke before I got better. Insurance doesn't cover cures...only prescriptions.

Anyway, other than that, I didn't have "classic" HIV symptoms (never have) even though my CD4s went down to 170. I still and have always maintained a healthy weight without trying. I don't lose or gain. Gastrically the worst symptoms I get are acid reflux type symptoms. If I eat right and relax, this is easy to control. I have dry skin that's worse in the winter and itches like crazy sometimes (especially legs). I've heeded the advice of those who tie skin disorders to the gut and digestive systems and will focus there to attack the problem. I've had congestive and sinus conditions that have greatly diminished in the last four months to a little more than occasional throat clearing. The only other chronic symptom that I have (this is weird) is that I will breakout around the outside of the eyes. The only prescription product I use is Desonide cream to control this condition and it has to be applied constantly or I'll break out.

With respect the Beck Protocol I've decided to continue but with the following changes:

1. Don't add peroxide to the CS. I've heard arguements for doing this but I can understand the chemisty well enough to know that it will oxidize the silver. The jury is out as to whether this practice is good or bad.

2. I will increase the CS intake. 8OZ upon waking and 8OZ at bed time. I plan also to keep CS on the nightstand instead of regular water. Can't hurt. I will separate the CS intake from the ozonated water and pulsing to further steer clear of internal oxidation of the silver.

3. Drink more Ozonated least 60 oz per day.

4. Continue zapping and pulsing (2hrs and 20min respectively).

Other things:

5. Go through the Clark cleansing regimens. Parasite, colon, liver, kidney.

6. Continue to juice. I juice only organics. Fruit in the morning and mixed fruit and vegitables at night. I generally add 4-5 gms vitamin C to the juice I make because I like the tart flavor. I'm also addicted to ginger in my juices.

7. Add whey protein back into my diet. Maybe with a juice blend. This is not unusual for me especially when I'm into serious lifting cycles.

8. Continue nasel spray of weak H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) (1.5%). Keeps sinuses clear. I may inhale (or nebulize) as well but I've got more research to do. Many in these forums are doing this but according to some research, this may come with some risks that need to be considered.

9. Exercise more (I've taken it easy since the beginning of the year).

10. Replace coffee with Green Tea.

11. Find a doctor with an open mind (this is a quest really!).

Stay in touch.

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