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Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Battlerdavy Views: 4,688
Published: 18 years ago
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I can’t claim have healed myself but certainly had good results from this device. For the benefit of those who don’t know, the Sputnik capsule is used in Russian Hospitals almost as standard practice for treating all sort of allergies, disorders etc. It evolved as part of their Magnetic Resonance Therapy a sort of acupuncture without needles and an offshoot from the Space program. You swallow the metal pill and it travels through your body emitting MR frequencies every 3 seconds stimulating, unblocking and killing or disabling parasites.. Currently I’m on Voyage IV as I call it. Have ingested 3 different Sputnik’s over the past 18 months this is the third. At times you do feel it pulsating, buzzing and some times you get contractions deep down for a short period. You can pretty much continue doing what your doing, although I don’t like the idea of going to work with one! And yes at night it has awakened me once or twice but not for long: I turn over a few times and then it seems to get ‘stuck in’ or settles somewhere for the night hopefully! The testimonies say you can recover it and re-use it after sterilising. Most people pass it in 3 or 4 days. Not me!. My experience was passing it after 6 or 7 days! Does that say something about my digestive system?
The benefits? On one occasion I felt light, clear and quite well and I’m sure parasites were eliminated. The most telling was the time I fasted on juices for 3 days: there were some truly remarkable results!. I passed some very deep seated matter dark in colour and there were some unusual shapes there. I’m pretty sure there were parasites but did not hang around to find out.~ Adios! I also found some metal particles there! Amalgam bits swallowed accidentally while at the Dentist I reckon. Probably but it must have been long ago (Had my Amalgam’s replaced 5 years ago -Drat! it’s really giving me some shudders in my left leg, right now! Yee haw! (stomp stomp!) This is kinda’ fun! That’ll show the buggers! Had to stop writing.. 5 minutes later: now it has minimised to a mild buzz.
To carry this for a few days is quite an experience, daunting at times but I have confidence in it. Things had been quiet since I took it at 2 PM and from 9.30 PM onwards there was action! Buzzing and some contractions that go on for a while -maybe 5, 10 or 15 minutes then it might stop. There are positive reports and I would recommend it specially if you are constipated but good for much more than that, even carrying a little extra weight! No I didn’t recommend it for losing weight! Ok?
If you want to find out more go to the site below. There is at least one other site that sells these unusual electronic devices and there are several types but all basically the same.


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