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Voting and questionable forums,..My thoughts!
kathryn 101 Views: 1,310
Published: 17 years ago

Voting and questionable forums,..My thoughts!

I try never to let a negative statement come out of my mouth.
Life is just too short, even at best, to be a fuss budget!.
Sometimes though, it's just impossible.
I too, am very disappointed in the direction curezone is headed.
It started out as such a wonderful thing. A place where we could all go to seek advice and support on health issues. Curezone is very blessed to have a lot of very knowledgable
people, who love sharing with and helping others. But it is
attracting more "fruitcakes" all the time. (And I mean that
in the kindest christian way!) :-)
Some of the forums are getting totally away from really helping
or encouraging anyone. And that's REALLY what curezone should
continue to be about.
If someone is battling cancer, for example, or looking for help
for someone close to them who is, and they stumble onto curezone
as I did 2 years ago, they should find HELP AND HOPE! PERIOD!
I see no reason myself, to have forums on curezone called:
God Without Religion
Sex Support
Market Place
TV Shows
Why couldn't you have a Curezone I and a Curezone II. Curezone
I, of course, would be pertaining to health help and hope only.
Curezone II could be the questionable ones and any others that are not helpful or uplifting. Jokes could stay, we all need
a laugh during the day...the heartwarming stories are uplifting...and Just for fun to lift you up is very good. But
what, in the name of Pete, does Atheism, or Politics have to
do with health, except that it could get someone's blood pressure
up? "Ask Curezone", and "Suggestions to Webmaster", could be on both.
Voting is OK...but can you make it to where we CANNOT vote for
our own post....and no one can vote more than one time for the same post...
that would take away suspicion for those who think some are voting for their own posts, or that someone who does not like
another poster can put a lot of negatives on that post.
Even before this issue of voting came up, I was getting very
discouraged by some of the forums that were showing up on curezone.
One night, our of curiosity, I checked out a few of these
forums that are questionable. I read a few posts on
"God Without Religion", "Conspiracy", "Politics," and a couple
of others. It took me about five minutes to come to the
conclusion, "The aliens HAVE landed and they're on curezone!"
Some of these posters are so far out in left field, they should
not be let out of the house, much less, putting their thoughts
out where anyone can read them.
Sometimes, when a problem seems to be "growing", we look for
a "big" answer, when all the time the solution was so simple
we just over looked it.
If we have garbage in our home, and we don't take it out...
what happens? It makes the whole house smell like garbage!
Those who love and really care about Curezone do not want
it to become a dumpster for every little piece of garbage
that comes along. Let's please set some high standards and stick
to them.
I, for one, hope Curezone continues to be a help and a blessing
to those who are looking for either or both. kathryn


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