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Re: Anyone know what the doctor is testing for?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Anyone know what the doctor is testing for?

Hi nspeth, I don’t think I can properly answer you without going into detail…so here goes.

Sunday, June 8, 2003 – late at night (around 10:00 pm) I had some chili cheese fries (which I do not normally eat)

Monday, June 9, 2003- 3:00 or 4:00 am - I started to have very bad pains in my right side. (Also, I have had these pains before, on and off, always late at night, but I never knew what they were. At first they would feel like cramps.) I felt like I had gas, constipation, etc. I was sick until about 6:00 am, and then I finally went to sleep and woke up very tired, but feeling fine. That night I ate a chicken taco, pinto beans, and rice.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003 – woke up early AM and felt horrible again…starting to wonder if I have food poisoning or something. Very nauseous for hours, unable to use the restroom, feels like gas or something. After awhile I vomit, and then feel better. Since I stayed home from work, I decided to go to the Urgent Care Doctor. He said I had some type of stomach flu virus HA HA), even though I told him it had to be something much worse because I have had stomach flu before and this was totally different. (He told me to drink lots of fluids and eat some soup. He also said I should have some blood work done to see if I was anemic. I went home and ate chicken noodle soup and drank a glass of red Gatorade. Within 1 hour, I was violently ill again (must have been the stomach flu like the doctor said…yeah right). Sick all night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003 – 3 or 4 am – still unable to have a bowel movement (at this point my urine was a dark yellow color), and feel worse than I have in my entire life. I felt like I had to vomit and even considered sticking my finger down my throat it was so bad. My stomach pain felt like bloating, gas, etc. I had my fiancé go to the store and buy pepto, Mylanta, Rolaids…anything for gas, bloating or sever stomach pain. On my 4th tablespoon of the Mylanta (very disgusting) I puked everything that was in my stomach up (remember I had already thrown up everything I had eaten for the last 4 days), so I still do not know what I was throwing up. After this, I felt 1000% better and finally went to sleep. I woke up around 11:00am and was starving. I had ONE piece of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter on it. (FYI At this point, I still did not relate eating high fat foods was what was causing my severe attacks). Around Noon I was sicker than ever. I called the Dr.’s office and they were booked until FRIDAY! I explained the situation, and that I felt like I was going to DIE and she said to come in immediately. As soon as I got there I saw the Doctor (the same one from Urgent Care) and after poking and pushing on my stomach he finally came to the conclusion that my gallbladder might be inflamed (WOW, good guess Mr. Stomach Flu doctor). Anyway, this is the part where I feel like fainting and throwing up. My doctor showed me where the bathroom was and I stayed in there for 5-10 minutes with dry heaves. At this point I feel worse than all of the other times put together. He tells me he wants to admit me to the hospital…and I freak out begging him not to (I was seriously crying and pleading with him). At this point I am scared! He sends me for blood work and I have dry heaves throughout the entire process. He schedules and ultrasound for the next day. After they take blood I leave to go home (my fiancé is driving) and I told him to hurry up and get home I am going to vomit. As soon as we arrived at our house I ran inside and vomited and was in the worst pain of my life (it still makes me sick to think about it). This is not an exaggeration: I felt like I was dying. After throwing up, (SURPRISE) I felt 100% better, just a little weak. That is when I start to do research on gallbladder inflammation. I found numerous sites with info about the liver flush, etc. I did not eat anything for the rest of the day because I was too scared to have that feeling again. Also, the Dr. told me not to eat or drink anything after 10:00 pm (because of the scheduled ultrasound).

Thursday, June 12, 2003 – 0800 am – I woke up and felt better than I since Sunday and I was very thirsty, (I am the type of person who drinks 2-3 bottles of water every night before going to sleep, so not drinking anything since 10:00 the previous night was killing me) so, I had 3 pieces of ice.
10:00 AM – Have Ultrasound, the technician tells me she sees “at least 5 stones”. I went home and started researching again and found curezone (a lifesaver!). I did not eat anything all day and I only drank water and organic apple juice.

Friday, June 13, 2003 – 0900am – Go back to the Dr. and he confirms I have Gallstones and says I need surgery ASAP. I ask him about alternative methods and he says they don’t work and have bad side effects. At this time, I was still feeling pretty sick and I said I would think about the surgery. I asked him for a Dr.’s note to return to work on Wednesday (I already had Sat, Sun, & Monday off as my normal weekend and I wanted to be sure I would feel well enough when I went back to work, so that is why I asked for an extra day). He said, and I quote: “ Ms. Bain, why would you want that time off? You have already had a week off, that is a nice vacation. If you do not get the surgery, you will be in pain anyway, so I can not give you a Dr.’s note because you think you may still be sick on Tuesday”. I was PISSED. He was nice to me when he thought I would listen about the surgery, but as soon as I asked about alternatives (medication, diet, etc.) he changed his entire attitude. He told me to get a second opinion.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003 – I went to my Fiancé’s family doctor and he basically said the same thing, only in a nicer manner. He did answer some of my questions, but it came down to the same thing: GET THE SURGERY ASAP or risk the chance of dying. (Great people, don’t you think?) Anyway, he gave me a referral to see a surgeon. I went to work after the appointment, called the surgeon and made an appointment, and had to leave after 3 hours because I felt nauseous. I think it was due to the fact that I had not had anything to eat yet. I went home and rested. This was the first day where I was able to keep some food down (fruit and veggies only).

Friday, June 20, 2003 – At this point I had not felt sick at all (but I still was hardly eating because I was so scared). I felt very weak, but not sick and that’s all I cared about. I went to see the surgeon armed with questions about the surgery, bile duct damage, stones after surgery, alternatives, etc. He seemed OK, but of course he is a surgeon so he recommended surgery within the week. OH SURE, I thought, right away. NOT!

Since all of this, I have stopped eating anything with more than 2 or 3 grams of fat in it and I have not had any fast food from restaurants. I have been living off of fruit, oatmeal, fat free bread, turkey, and lettuce sandwiches. I have felt fine until this past week. I have had 3 attacks and this has led me to the conclusion to try the flush or get the damn surgery. I do not want to get the surgery, so I am trying the flush today (Sat., July 19, 2003).

This is my story so far. I hope this flush does not send me to the hospital. I am very scared about the whole thing, but I am more scared about the surgery, so I am giving it a try. I hope this will help someone else….

I will report back once I start the flush. Good luck to your friend.

A. Bain


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