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foods to warm you....
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Published: 18 years ago
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foods to warm you....

you seem to be a cold deficient type person.

don't push the water to some sort of technically correct level.

cold defiecient people need less water not more. drink in sips.
sleep is dehydrating so drink in the morning and at night, your body cools down so avoid drinking water in the evening, if thirsty, try warm broth.

eat warming food in the evening.

I started drinking way less water and I feel a lot better.

I also drink barkey water and beef broth (homemade) Broth is warming.

water is cleansing expecially filtered water, good for those overweight, but if thin and cold better to add about 1/8 teaspoon or less of Sea Salt to the gallon to add back minerals and make it less cleansing. never use table salt it has been stripped of most minerals.

I sometimes heat the room temp water a bit to take the chill off it, never in the microwave though.

if you are that cold you might need to add some warming foods to your diet such as: parsnip, winter squash, beef, lamb, eggs, fish, poultry, rutabega but avoid mucus forming food if you have candida.

beef and lamb are warmer than poultry and fish and pork.

avoid cold foods from the frig - too cooling
avoid raw foods - too cooling
eat food cooked - warming
avoid fruit and fruit juice - way to cooling
avoid sweets - too cooling
cook food slow and long for more warming energy- like crock pot
or baked
use waterless cooking- roasts and veggies often do not need any
water when cooking them, except extremely
lean meat and the drier veggies.

cutting, pounding, stiring and grinding gives food a more warming
qaulity to it
chew more- adds a warming quality and easier to digest, you are
cold and do not have enough digestive energy
exercize more- to warm yourself, do not exhaust yourself
as this would deplete you of energy
avoid cold weather and cold places
avoid long hot baths - deplete yin energy
keep legs, kidneys, and lower abdomen warm
do not use microwave - reduces energy of the food
do not eat any very cold or hot foods - too hot food will force
your body to cool it down and it will make you cold.
reduce water intake

avoid hot spices as the will initially warm you then make you cold.

if you feel you are deficient:

eat less processed food - it is empty
reduce stress- depletes you of energy
reduce drug use if possible- slowly of course
reduce competition
reduce noice
reduce caffine and alcohol
reduce chemically fertilized food and feedlot meat - less building

also reduce overwork (mental or physical)
over exercise
too much thought
excessive sexual activity
all these drain you of energy which you need to conserve

building foods:
beets, parsnips, green beans, beef, poultry, egg, pork,bones soups and stews

avoid bitter, sour and pungent foods they are cleansing and you will loose weight and energy.

do not fast or do any cleansing (liver, colon, kidney, colonics,
parasite, dental) they all zap your energy
save them when you have no more signs of deficiency

eat a small evening meal
do not eat late past 6 or 7 pm

you need to let your liver clean the blood between 1-3 am and not
use up energy digesting food. digestion needs to rest.

If your deficiency is long standing:

eat with fewer ingredients - easier to digest fewer foods
avoid over eating
use no raw food - to slow cleasing effect
use cooked food only
avoid non-foods and all stimulants
avoid cold damp places- they will drain you
do not use over hot or cold foods -
avoid shock of whole new diet - change diet slowly
mild exercise
air and sun baths - sun is warming and very healing
provide orderly, pleasant simple environments
avoids all food to which you are allergic or negativly react to

I am on this diet right now and it has helped a lot.

I got it from "Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford, it is based on chinese therory, so a chinese doctor may be helpful as well.

this past week I dropped brocolli and am drinking way less water and I feel lots better. the brocolli is too cleansing for my and brocolli, couliflower and cabbage are thyroid inhibitors and if you have trouble with fatigue, they might be best avoided. If you eat them, never eat them raw as they are worse on the thyroid raw, and stem them and do not reuse the water in soup or stew as the bad thyroid stuff is now in the water.

I eat most of my food in homemade broth. I have eaten this way for the last year and it is strengthening me. When I tried a few cleases, I dropped 20 pounds way quick and I did not have it too loose. You could see all of my bones and I had almost no fat anywhere. It took me 1 year to gain it back. so for me I was too weak for any sort of cleanse. colonics also zapped me of a lot of energy and I am now freezing and constipated. The book calls this deficency constipation. The funny thing was to drink less water to cure this and no laxatives. Before I read this, I tried mild laxitive foods that usually make me go (such as brocolli, raw veggies, lots of water...) but it made it worse. I am slowly getting less constipated but it will take a while as I have 5 colonics in about 3 weeks. I did this because I have MCS and MCS is supposed to be caused by your own toxins in the body, so I thought
I would get them out. Along with all the other cleanses I got worse, but I knew when to say stop and quit the colonics. My toes are freesing. It is weird. Just the second toe on each foot is ice cold almost numb, the third finger tip on each hand is also numb. I have to check into reflexology to see what this is.

I hope this helps in some small way. I know what it is to be cold.
I am up cause I could no longer take the cold. I used to have an electric blanket, but not now as I am allergic to poyester and the em radiation is not supposed to be good for you.

I think I will bo fine after I rebuild from the energy I lost reaching for straws with the dang colonics.


oh, and check out your tongue at


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