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my story thus far ..
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Published: 17 years ago

my story thus far ..

Hello all * sad smile*

This is my first visit on this forum and I am still shocked upon discovering the many many people out there who are suffering from bad breath and Body Odor problems.

If you have not attempted suicide yet and are still holding on to hope for a cure, you may want to try my cure. As of now, this seems to work for me.. But before I tell you what works for me, just a brief background of who I am..

I have had this same problem for pretty much my entire life. I have cried countless nights and prayed for many years and have spent a great deal of my life in deep depression. Needless to say, I shower and brush my teeth all the time, but of course as you all know, nothing helped. Even reading some of your posts have made me cry too, because I know exactly what it felt like. which prompted me, no matter how embarrassing, to come forth, and try to help you.

The good news is, you don't need to purchase anything beyond some cheap colon cleanser or fiber pills. So don't bother with those "miracle" mouthwashes/toothpaste. The bad news is, you do need to stop eating most meat, and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. (I know what you're thinking .. "but other people eat beef / red meat all the time and they don't have bad breath", but you and I have to admit. We are DIFFERENT. So accept it. They can eat them, we just CAN'T, okay?)

I completely stopped eating beef (huge culprit) and all red meat and I avoid all curry and spices.

Secondly, I avoid RICE, bread, noodles (pasta) and all carbohydrates. Don't ask me why but they seem to contribute to it. Also, avoid milk, yoghurt, mayonnaise, creams, sugary stuff like ice cream, chips and all that. Especially cheese.

Avoid KFC and most fast foods. Avoid Broccoli and Cabbage. I do not know why, but they seem to give me gas and bad breath after eating them. So, avoid cole slaw.

Okay, now that the Don'ts are out of the way, all I eat is fresh lettuce and cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots, tomatoes .. lots of fresh vegetables with little or no dressing. (don't use Ranch or Ceaser if you can and DEFINITELY avoid mayonnaise). Just eat the vegetables raw by itself, drink a lot of water. Eat an apple a day.. Now, here is where it gets difficult. After eating all this, you will *STILL* have bad breath. Why? Cause your body is still digesting your undigested food/toxic in your body. So this is where it does get difficult. You have to keep up this diet for at least 3-4 days, keep eating these while your system empty bowels and slowly cleans you up. It'll take a few days.

And this is where it gets even more difficult. You will, unfortunately, have to keep this diet up for your entire life. People who eat nothing but raw veges / fruits and drink a lot of water don't smell. Even their fart does not smell. But honestly.. my boyfriend tells me I no longer have bad breath.

It is okay to slip up once in a while and eat chicken, or eat junk or what have you, especially in social situations. Just remember to take colon cleanser/fiber pills along with the meal, and go back to eating vege again the next day.

Do take note.. that 1) All these vegetables can be quite costly on a daily basis. 2) you will unfortunately, lose weight and slim down 3) Your body temperature would most likely drop and you would probably feel colder than usual. So if you live in a winter climate, tough.

.. but so far, this is really the only cure I know of that works.... This approach may seem a little extreme, so just feel free to adapt it to your needs. Make mental notes of what you eat that makes your breath sour and what doesn't and just avoid it. I am lucky I happen to enjoy eating salad .. so.. it actually isn't as painful as it sounds.

It IS unfair that we are different from other people, but that's just the way it is.

Good luck all and take care.

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