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Bad Breath & Body Odor - I'm actually "normal" again
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Published: 18 years ago

Bad Breath & Body Odor - I'm actually "normal" again

Don't give up. Read on, Iím not selling anything for myself or anyone else. Itís been almost a year for my cure but the traumatic memories are still raw. There's a healthy, normal life waiting for you to express all those pent up things you've been wanting to say and do.

Iíve put headings in front of each paragraph to speed things up for you. First I give my background with bad breath, then my cure, and then I'll tell what we did for my husband's sudden Body Odor that just would not go away.

First I really have to mention my reactions to pompous do-gooderís comments on these message boards about oral hygiene. First Iíd think theyíve never had the problem then Iíd say to myself Ė they have no idea how incredibly much I do to be un-offensive. My point here is that I also go into the hygiene issue but with a twist. Read on.

BACKGROUND: I remember spending days looking at sites like this. I was devastated by peopleís reactions to my breath for years. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors, products, procedures. I'd try anything. The people that I expected compassion from we're some of the worst. Unless you have this problem people have no idea what someone goes through just trying to get through the day. I would brush, floss, etc (etc stands for all the products, pills & diets) for hours a day. Each brushing routine would take 20-30 minutes and I would do this sometimes 4-5 times a day. Every contact with others was an emotionally charged situation; from the sacker boy at the grocery store making his sniffling noise when I came within his breathing space to the prestigious clients I would have to give bids to. It's not my style to purposefully offend. I tried and tried to think of a job where I could be a hermit and just resign from public. I'd shop late at night. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if your reading this... I'm sorry if I'm rambling but again - DON'T GIVE UP, there's a healthy, normal life waiting for you to express all those pent up things you've been wanting to say and do.

HORRIBLE BREATH CURE #1 - CHANGING TOOTHPASTE: The biggest improvement came when I discovered that toothpastes such as Crest, Colgate, etc we're a huge part of the problem. I suppose it's the sodium laureth sulfate (spelling?). I started using the "Tom's" toothpaste instead. The spearmint sample that came packaged with the "Tom's" mouthwash is the one I use. (Considering how it changed my life you'd think I'd have the exact name tattooed on my brain. I'll do a follow-up post with the actual name of the product). The other products in the "Tom's" line aren't as effective and I get set-backs.

HORRIBLE BREATH CURE #2 - SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH: At the same time that I'd changed to "Tom's" I also finally purchased a "Sonicare" electric toothbrush. It was very expensive but in retrospect I wish I would have bought it sooner. I goofed around with other electric toothbrushes for over a year before I finally made the investment in the "Sonicare". I got the one with the carry case. The previous electric brushes had helped but I seemed to have a lot of bad days still. When I think what I went through I would buy another "Sonicare" a hundred times over.

HORRIBLE BREATH CURE #3 - TAKE TIME WITH THE NEW TOOTHBRUSH: With the new "Sonicare" I continued to take a long time to brush, holding it in one place for the full 2 minutes of the built-in timer. Then I'd move to the next area. I ended up buying a second unit because I was wearing the battery out with one brushing session and it takes 8 hours or so to recharge. I did this intensive brushing quite consistently for a couple weeks. Now I brush 2 Ė 3 times a day for a normal amount of time. Occasionally I do extra during the day when I notice reactions. Just a brush, brush and Iím back in the swing of life.

HORRIBLE BREATH CURE #4 Ė REMBRANDT & TOMíS MOUTHWASHES WITHOUT ALCOHOL. I brush with these sometimes instead of the paste, especially when I notice tartar. Itís amazing how it polishes those little bumps off. I think the good germs in my mouth just couldn't take hold with all the products I was using before that contained the sodium laureth and alcohol.

THE ďNEW OLD YOUĒ Ė Like I said before: there's a healthy, normal life waiting for you to express all those pent up things you've been wanting to say and do. Itís amazing to see improvement with time. Oh, I have setbacks. I donít brush my teeth as I know I should or I donít floss. Sometimes I get absolutely no reaction from people, that's when I remember to thank the Lord. It's amazing to me since I remember how I became severely depressed and almost a recluse. I'd lost faith in mankind. All that kept me going back then was my faith in God, prayer, prayer, prayer & finding someone who wasn't judgmental (and no sense of smell) that I could talk to about all the stress. You are NOT ALONE and DON'T GIVE UP, it may take as little as few months or up to a year such as mine but you'll get it figured out. I pray youíll find your answer. Don't give up.

MY HUSBANDíS SOUR Body Odor - My husband developed a nasty odor over the course of a month or so. I could literally smell him from 20 feet away and it would leave a lingering smell for hours. It was a very sour, metallic smell. I bought him all kinds of soaps such as betadine (iodine used in hospitals), scrubs, etc. Then I remembered how certain shampoos build up on hair. Also, swimmers get chlorine build up. Since he's a hairy guy I figured we needed to get a product for removing chlorine and metal build-up on hair. There a bunch on the market. You can find them at most drug stores such as Walgreen's or at hair salons. I really like the one we got at JC Pennyís salon (again Ė sorry Iím not brand conscious and will make a follow-up post). ďAvadaĒ which is another hair care line has a good one too. When you shower use it not only in your hair but all over your body including your pubic area. Turn off the stream of water for a few minutes to let it work. Use this process each time you shower. It took a couple weeks for it to be gone. I thank the Lord. I felt so bad for him because he couldn't smell it (my saving grace that he has a deviated septum and didn't leave me during my "trying" years) and I wanted to help. Not only was it the shampoo (Crew products) part of the problem, it was probably caused by hard water from not having the water softener salt refilled. (I was working over 60 hours a week and was never home to let the Culligan Man in the house). Again, thank you Lord for you answers to prayer.

RETROSPECT - I always wonder why my breath problem took so long to conquer and I've come to the conclusion that it made me who I am today. Iíve became so comfortable with myself and my thoughts and opinions. There we're so many years when I didn't share them for fear of offending with my breath, but I sure did think a lot about what people we're saying and what I'd like to say. I also developed a lot of empathy during the ordeal. I also realize I have a gift for just listening, keeping my mouth shut! My heart goes out to you. Don't give up. Leave a reply post and Iíll try to reply, it may take a few days.


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