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Published: 17 years ago

Learn From Experts !!

It seems I see new people on this site from time to time so I feel its prudent that I state my case. We all know that to be successful in most things you have to learn from the ones that made those mistakes that we all made and have found the light at the end of the tunnel. I only say this because I have tried all the things that I see people do and I myself could never beat this on these methods. I'm not saying that these things that are recommended don't do anything. I just feel that if you know your heath problems are related to candida then its candida that you have to deal with. Your immune system has been compromised and the question is WHY. Even tho I had severe food allergies I never thought it was because of a breakdown of a body component. Maybe for some of you it is but for the rest of you it could be because of lifes stresses and to many visits to the doctor and excessive use of Antibiotics or other types of meds.
When I first started to have food allergies I didnt know why and like many of you I attacked it with things to get rid of symptoms, even then I didnt know it was candida. Then after about 4 years of food reactions like hives, brain fog, swelling fatigue, and itching and sweating for no reason I was directed in the direction of candida. I did everything just like most of the people here. Only once did I have relief that lasted about 6 months. I went to a doctor and asked for an antifungal. I was given dyflucan. Then after a time my symptoms came back and seemed to be worse. About 8 years into it I finally went to a Homeopathic doctor. It was the best decision I could of made. After some simple non intrusive testing he reccomended Oregano Pills and A Yeast Cleanse pills. He said to do them for 21 days. He suggested that after this time I could be cured. Well I did this for two weeks and had such bad die off reactions, like lots of hives, itching. headaches, felt like I was drunk, spaciness. So I stopped. I didnt do anything else for a couple weeks and one day I typed in the computer ( How to kill Candida ). I came up with three lac and ordered it. By the time I recieved it most my reactions had subsided. On the third day of taking three lac I started to eat things that were known to cause problems. I did have minor reactions like knowing or feeling like something wanted to erupt but nothing never did. As time went by and within the first month I prabably ate everything and never actually had a reaction. So after the first month I ordered three lac and primal defence. This lasted me about a month ad a half. Then I ordered two more cans of three lac. All in all I went thru four cans of three lac and one bottle of primal defence in a four month period. About this time I started taking less and less. Would go days then weeks before taking more. Been more than a year now and 8 months at least since I've taken anything. I eat what ever I want and I dont buy any foods that are for the candida symptoms.
Now I dont know why some of you have developed candida but I can assume that some of you developed it from the same reasons as I did. Over years to many episodes of Antibiotics . Or alot of stress at the same time as takeing meds compounded by a bad diet. These are the reasons I know I got this.
Now one thing I cant do here is recommend the pain your going to have to indure to get over this but I can say there was a good three weeks that I had to go thru hell to even start to get better. I figured that if I was going to beat this I had to take all the knowledge I developed over the years and hit his condition head on. One problem with candida is if you don't attack it hard enough it will mutate and get harder to control. I found out this the hard way. Remember, I had this for 10 years. And at least for 6 of those years I read up on everyhting I could find.
I know alot of you have tried the good probiotics with no results or results you couldnt handle and gave up. Its possible that if thats all I did along with those things that are recommended here, like liver flushed and the like , i may of never got better too. But thats not how I attacked this. I didnt do anything other than eat normal for a couple, few months. All my organs were pretty much chemical free.
I decided I needed to do something different and if I had never went to the Natural doctor I may still been fighting this just like you. All I know is I did finally beat this and to not pass my method on to you people that really are fed up with this and to not give you a chance to make a decision from someone that is cured would be something i would feel quilty for because I didnt try..
Its your choice. Ask yourself. Are you getting advice from someone that is symptom free or are you wasting your time with someone that is practiceing. If its the later then you may as well just start going back to see doctors again and cross your fingers and hope fore the best. I firmly believe that these unnatural things that are introduced into your system are one of the things thats keeping alot of you from getting better. And even if these things did something you still need to get you bacterial envirement back into check with the proper probiotics.. If your not consuming good food with plenty of enzymes your immune system will reamin compromised.
. Skip

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