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long answer!
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Published: 19 years ago
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long answer!

Hi chuda!

The Liver Flush is a completely different animal from the master cleanse. The entire Liver Flush takes less than 24 hours.

Way oversimplifying it, but this is what you do - eat a light, fat free breakfast and lunch. After 2 in the afternoon, no more food, no drinking anything at all. Before 6PM, you prepare a mixture of 3 cups water and 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts , and yes, it tastes gross! What it does is open up your bile ducts so that no stones get stuck when you flush them out. So at 6 PM, you drink 3/4 cup of the Epsom Salts drink, and then again at 8PM. At 10 PM that night you drink a cup of olive oil which has been mixed with grapefruit juice. The juice is just for taste - it actually really thins the oil out so that you can drink it...believe it or not, it tastes sort of good! Why olive oil, you say? Heh I can hear you! Well, know how for breakfast and lunch you had fat-free food? When you don't eat any fat, no bile is released by your gall bladder/liver. So since you went so long without eating any, there's a build up of bile, a pressure, just waiting to be released. When you drink the olive oil...whoosh! A big squirt of bile comes flowing out, hopefully washing a whole lot of stones out with it. So at 10 PM you drink this olive oil, and then lay down and go to sleep. The next morning at 6 AM you drink the 3rd portion of the Epsom Salts , and then you should start have lots and lots of watery bms, with stones in them. They float, so they're easy to see. And my fingers are starting to 8 AM, you drink the last portion of epsom salts, which I never drink... hehe. Too gross! And I'm usually getting out lots of stones anyway, so no need to drink it.

There are lots of slight variations on how people do it, but that's the basic core of it. Lots of people drink apple juice for a day or several days before hand - the malic acid in the juice softens the stones. The whole process of Liver Flushing is pain free. It's awesome.

So, as you can see, The Master Cleanse and the Liver Flush are completely different - The Master Cleanse takes days and days and is a nice cleanse and detox, and the liver flush is a 24 hour thing that targets your gall bladder and liver. You can do the liver flush once every 2 weeks - thats about how long it takes older stones to slowly trickle down your bile ducts to take the place of the ones that you flushed out already.

Definitely check out the Liver Flush Forum ! I've lowered my cholesterol, resolved some minor health issues, cleared up my skin and some allergies. I've been told to keep flushing until stone free by Andreas Moritz , who knows a thing or two about liver flushes!

I hope this sorta answers your question, chuda! There's a link to the forum below, and there's a link there to the Liver Cleanses page, where you can read the whole procedure in detail. Good luck if you decide to try it!

The Liver Flush Forum !


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