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I just started ParaGone for roundworms. What else?
luci2003 Views: 4,065
Published: 19 years ago

I just started ParaGone for roundworms. What else?

Hello all. I had suspected I had worms for a while because I kept getting awaken at night by an itchy anus and I could feel movement inside of me. Recently, my stool has had blood in it. Also, I have also been constipated for pretty much my whole life. But I think I was in denial and figured that if I had worms, I would see them. Well, the other day (the night of the full moon- apparently they lay their eggs then, right?), I passed a worm! It was about 8 inches long, and it basically looked like an earthworm- and from the research I have done, I think it is a roundworm. I do not know how I got worms, or how long I have had them but I suspect it has been awhile because I remember feeling like I had worms inside of me when I was a child (I am now 27). And when I was little, I lived up in the mountains and ran around barefoot and ate dirt and all of that fun stuff. Also, I have had cats (indoor) my whole life.
Anyhow, I bought ParaGone and I have been taking it for about 3 days now. I haven't seen any more large worms (although I must admit, I did not investigate too thoroughly). I can definitely feel the worms inside my intestines getting feisty. And I now have an eye twitch- I saw a posting on here with someone who got the same thing. Is that a parasite in my eye? It really starts twitching big time right after I take my ParaGone. Also, my scalp is itchy and tingly. I hope it is just a reaction to the herbs...
My question is (and thank you for bearing with me thus far): what else should I be taking? Should I start the CoQ10 now? What enzymes should I take to help rid my body of the dead parasites? I have been drinking fiber to help with BMs. Alternatively, what should I NOT be ingesting?
I have already found a plethora of helpful info on this site. I just wanted all of this info together from people who know. Also, I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about this- not my boyfriend, my family, or my best friend. That is probably why this posting is so long- i don't have anyone to talk to about it!
Thank you all for any info you can give me. I am really scared of what is about to happen to me (or perhaps, what I am about to see come out of my body!)

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