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Need Help
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Published: 19 years ago

Need Help

I have suspected since 96 that i picked up some kind of parasite from my x that i lived with for 1.5 years. I had a sudden attack of diarhea and vomitting at same time. He said the same happened to him. Ever since, my health has steadily gotten worse. Outside my female symptoms, every symptom i now have, he was having during the time we dated. I started having menstrual problems that lead to a partial hysterectomy, but i have tons of cysts on right ovary (filled with possibly parasites). I have developed bowel problems that fluctuate from loose to diarhea. At times i gain lots of weight and then i will rapidly lose. I have breath odor REALLY BAD. My dental hygiene is excellent , but yet my dentist warned me about gingivitis based on some build up that i never used to have. (my x teeth eventually all rotted out from the last time i saw him in passing) It often feels like something is stuck in my throat. I have hypoglycemia from an unknown source (are parasites eating my source of glucose). I have facial rashes that resemble sunburn and come and go. Chronic sinusitus with post nasal drip, chronic fatigue, hyperinsulinema, excessive sweat, but cold hands and feet, pain and swelling in the liver area, ear pain, headaches. I get severe night sweats at times. My eyes are yellowing and at times are red with irriation. Could i have parasites in upper body. my stool cultures reveal no evidence of worms or protozoa etc. I still will be getting a more thorough exam from great smokies by end of month. (i had the tests because of weird looking black dots in stool). I have had colonoscopies, endoscopies etc. I have tons of other problems i dont think i have the space to mention. So let me get right to what i've tried and where i am. Last dec, i tried lemon water enema and juice diet, felt great but didnt last. Also did my first liver cleanse and got out small green soft looking balls, some tan in color. nothing to brag about though. Took absolute cleanse for 30 days and developed pain in gall area so I Repeated liver cleanse this past july and nothing at first..but i followed it up with another lemon water enema and BAM ! tons of things came out...most looked like peanuts or popcorn kernals, also some rice grain looking stuff. Both could be parasites from something i saw on the forum photos. Anyway, shortly after, my symptoms returned. Damn ! My doctor gave me albendazole for 5 days a couple of months ago which invoked a wiggly feeling that i still have today. Since then, i have purchased Clarkia that i use daily and herbalfuge and vermifuge (mentioned in the parasite menace book). These 2 have the ingredients of paragone and then some. I have been taking them all. I purchased the s. zapper deluxe. using it though. This wiggling/tingling feeling started in my back and moved to shoulders, limbs, breast and head, legs, thighs. Its all over my body and is driving me nuts. It is worse and wont go away. At times, i get severe muscle twitches that can be seen visibly. Could this be parasites in my muscles movign around? Sure feels like it or is it a growing fungus like systemic candidiasis. And i have even more black dots in stool now too. Any idea what this is and should i continue or stop the para herbs? I'm irritated and losing faith in my efforts. SOrry for the long "brain foggy" post but someone please help. I want this to stop !


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