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Re: Very small white worms on my mirror, in my eyes?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Very small white worms on my mirror, in my eyes?

Zeke, I dont know if that coiled up worm was from you--- or was carried in from outside from a pet or your shoes, etc. Some types that live in soil are reddish, small and coil up like that. Not that im ruling out that it was a parasite- since I dont know everything--that's for sure!!!

Youre' taking parasite herbs I hope-! everyone should I feel. Even if they dont have any parasite symptoms that are obvious., it doesnt hurt to do them twice a year. 85% of the civilized World has one form of parasite or another, anyway.

Those white worms you had in your eyes could be feeding off of excess protein/floaters in your eyes. People confuse these worms with floaters and when they go to a doctor- the doctor will laugh and say-- "why those are floaters, not worms!" Fact is, there are some varieties of parasites that make perfect home in the sinuses-as well as the eye area---and they feed off of protein, but they also create floaters too.

The ones I saw in my eyes-- (i'd have to wipe them out of the corner of my eyes) were translucent-- solid gel-like, with a red thin stripe running through the center of each one.

Washing your eyes with a glass eye cup with distilled water and Sea Salt crushed and mixed in helps tackle this infestation.

Also--- They make their way into the nasal passages at times too-- so every night and morning after washing, use a cotton swab to gently clean out your nasal passages and the eye area. (corners of eyes, and where you see them. Do this, then use an eye cup with that Sea Salt solution to rinse the eye. In a pinch, you can use CANNED saline solution and gently spray in your eyes. Canned saline has no preservatives -- and especially with parasites, you dont' want to be adding in more toxins in that area because they thrive in our bodies when we use every day toxins.

Use a fresh end of the cotton swab for each nostril, or eye. Dont' re-use that part of the cotton swab. It also wouldnt hurt to dip the cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide at times, or tea trea oil when cleaning out the nostrils.

Drink water between meals as well- this will hydrate you enough to also provide more moisture in your eye area in a few weeks.

I noticed that after getting my metal fillings replaced with composite, that the sinus parasites were greatly diminished soon after. That was this past September.

I've kept up with the cotton swabs since then, and now i notice that the whites of my eyes are ever more whiter than they were-- and the tear ducts arent constantly red and inflamed as they were when I had these thin worms.

Also, it's important to remember that when doing an intestinal parasite cleanse, that if your colon isn't super un-clogged, alot of the larvae stages of the adult parasite will leave the intestine and make their way up to the sinuses-- so keep at keeping your colon as well as your sinuses cleaned.

I read from another poster here that Rascal is good for Tapeworm infections. I also read that Aloe Gel capsules, oil of oregano, raw coconut oil--with shredded coconut, raw pineapple are also great to use against Tapeworm infections.

In fact, raw coconut oil is also good in dealing with Giardia!

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