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PLEASE! PLEASE! Need help in identification/opinion.

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
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Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

underweight Views: 1,554
Published: 17 years ago

PLEASE! PLEASE! Need help in identification/opinion.

Hello all!
I want to first off say that I am incredibly pleased with this forum. As I am sure you all can see the great wealth of info on such a specific subject, as well as the great help.

Just a brief intro...I am a 27 yr. old male, tall and very underweight. I have always eaten plenty of food. My diet although, has been junk processed food for much of my life until this last month or so where I went to a better diet of veggies, rice, pasta, chicken, eggs, only water, etc.
I have always wondered why I was overly underweight (about 130lbs/6ft.) and went for a couple of thyroid tests. One about five years back and one just last year. Neither indicated hyperthyroidism.
No matter how much I eat, I just stay underweight.
I noticed I lost even more weight last year. I also noticed that my hair got incredibly fine in diameter. It's really limp and like it's barely there. I am not sure if it's male pattern baldness. It seems like it's all of my hair all over the head. I feel it could either be a problem with parasites robbing my nutrients or it really is MPB. I really hope it's not the latter. Also I've been experiencing excessive foul smelling gas over the last year. It's pretty bad. It seems like no matter what I eat, I experience gas and rumbling in my lower intestines. Usually about 15-25 minutes after I eat, which seems odd to me seeing that from what I learned, gas is formed in the large intestine. But also gas throughout the day as well. But the gas is large in volume and in smell on a daily basis. I've read about candida and tried eliminating certain foods for a few days but nothing really helps. I just feel like I am falling apart. It's awful. I do have to say that my diet last year was pretty bad. Although I never went hungry, due to financial deprivation I was forced to eat just quick microwave meals and pasta, pasta, pasta. Too much of it. This may have thrown my system off, but I don't know.

Also to note, I have traveled all over the world, to many third world countries as well.
Actually the timing of my last trip and the beginning of my worsening symptoms seem to align. I was in SE Asia about a year and a half ago.

At any rate, I recently began my ParaGone cleanse. Tonight actually marks my seventh day. The week before I began, I started the P&B shakes. My bowel movements used to be an awful once every 2,3,or 4 days. Now they are once, if not twice a day. They move much easier and they are fairly loose in compostion like others describe here.

Well, last night I got brave and picked apart my stool. It was very disturbing to say the least! But we need to know these things to better our health. The photos of the discovery are at this link:

What on earth is that first one?!!!!!
It's very emotional to know that something like that was just expelled from your system and to think what still remains.
I know it has to be something because I don't eat anything like that!!! Even if I had spaghetti, I don't swallow a whole piece of it. So, that was one type, the second photo looks like a worm. You can see near the top of the photo. Upon close examination I noticed like this 'worm' was surrounding that other matter.
This stuff is all so strange!!
So can anyone give there opinion as to whether or not I am having some success in passing some sort of parasites?

Also, I forgot to mention....would this make sense?....maybe excessive parasites are keeping my food from being digested therefore causing a problem with gaining weight and also causing excess gas because un-digested food is making it to the colon where the bacteria frantically munch away to break it down.

I've also noticed that I have been moving some old 'plaque,' the hard, darker, really compressed, rubbery stuff.

Also to note, I have not experienced any 'die off' symptoms. Maybe just some headaches but I think this is just due to some bad posture as I've had these for some time now.
So, is this odd? Do you have to experience 'die off' symptoms to indicate that this whole thing is working?

So I tried to save those 'whatever they are' but it haunts me to think of these disqusting things in a jar in my house, so out in the trash they went. Pictures are one thing, but the actually thing in the house, no thanks!

I'm really hoping that parasites/worms is my problem. It will be an answer. If not, then I've got some sort of bad problem with this underweight/gas thing.

Well, I don't want to bore you all by going on and on.

I really hope someone can help with giving their opinion.
As you all can attest is a very comforting feeling to have other's in the same boat who can offer support and help.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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