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Flush Update Here's hope!
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Published: 19 years ago
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Flush Update Here's hope!

Hi everyone! :) I gotta tell you this latest... I didn't make any more posts yesterday evening or any today until now cause I had to go to the emergency room last night. All's good so don't worry. Again, I think this will encourage people and help to prove the theory in all of this.

My reason for going to the hospital had nothing to do with the cleansing so don't anyone panic and think its gonna put you in the hospital. Like I've said, I've been on prednisone off and on a little over a month now. I've been having severe heart burn and yesterday I decided that was it and I wasn't taking any more. Well boy was that it!

I was having such severe heartburn I couldn't tolerate it. Got in the shower and started throwing up blood. Scared me so bad, worried if I had a hole in my stomach or intestines or who knows what. So I went to the hospital.

Here's where it gets good. First I gotta tell you the Doctor confirmed it was the prednisone and told me not to take it or the Antibiotics anymore.

He wanted to make sure I didn't have any blockages in my intestines or my colon, no infections, etc. so he did xrays, ran some blood work and a urine test.

Now before I tell you the results of everything, I'll give you a quick run down. Over the past 2-3 weeks I have been cleansing my body through colon cleanses, parasite cleanses, enemas, and finally a quick liver cleanse. Anyone that has done these knows you do nothing but run to the bathroom and suddenly the bathroom becomes your "Office" and your toilet your "best friend" lol.
In other words theres no way I'm constipated as much as I'm going.

So Now The Results: He determined that my blood looked good, some of the levels were a little low though, no infections going on, organs looked good - liver, gallbladder, and pancreas... but get this......... my colon was full! :) Well how could that be possible if I'd done all this flushing??? :) Proves it doesn't it? lol Just like all of the reading everyone has done, it proves that if I'm going regular and no way constipated then it absolutely has to be muscous plaque!!! The walls of my colon absoultely have to be built up with the stuff or there's no way it would have shown up on the xray looking full. Besides an hour or two before going to the hospital I'd also done an enema.

Next thing the Doctor said was that the bottom line on my ailment was Environmental Allergies, which is what I'd said all along and no one in the medical profession that I'd spoken with wanted to blame it on anything but smoking and seasonal allergies. Of course I'd been suffering with Bronchitis and Pneumonia but it was not showing up in the blood work meaning something definitely was clearing me up. But the point in this was simple he stated that Environmental Allergies was the underlying issue which resulted in everything else.

I said all along the air that I was breathing here was making me sick. There's 17 manufacturing plants around where I live putting off all kinds of nasty chemicals into the air that I'm breathing... Anywhere from chlorine (a known carcinogen) to hydrachloric acid to nitric acid. And no one can tell me what happens when these chemicals mix in the environment. Anyone know of a site that gives this info please let me know. Want to know what's in your air? Go to: and type in your zip code. Loaded with tons of good info on that site.

Anyway it was wonderful that finally the Doctor looked at the whole picture and was able to see it! Had I already done the complete colon cleansing, my body would have been able to rid itself of these pollutants and toxins much easier and I wouldn't have gotten so sick and gone on into bronchitis/asthma/pneumonia and who knows what was getting ready to start.

What this all proves. Okay I wish I'd not been on any Antibiotics cause then I could say this alone was and is what is making me well. I can clearly say this though and know its correct. The Antibiotics did help with the infection, but the cleansing and lots of water is actually what excellerated the healing process. The Doctor confirmed the colon being full which proves the build up in the walls of the colon. All of my organs looked great, the blood and urine looked great. He sent me along my way with a bottle of Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution (yuk), told me to take Mylanta for the burn, a 36 hour liquid diet including broths.

Needless to say I'm sure you know where I'm spending most of my time! lol Back in my office with my best friend! lol Anyway so I've decided to spend a minimum of one week on a liquid diet, soups, broths, lots of fruit juices, water and at least three psyllium and Bentonite drinks. I'm mixing mine with Organic apple juice and it tastes great. I don't know what brands anyone else has bought but mine I bought separate and I'm going to buy a good Probiotic and enzyme to build me back up with.

I'll keep you up to date and let you know how it goes. Any suggestions would be appreciated! And once more thanks to Tracey, Paulette, Kewl1 (and I am working on quitting smoking, thanks:)), Cellgirl and everyone else here that's been so wonderful. Tracey I read that colon article and you are so right, it goes hand in hand with what they saw on my xray and everything that I am learning, and experiencing myself. Please keep up the postings, they are great and they are so important for everyone going through this to heal.

Hope this helps you make it through your cleansing and have more confidence in doing so. Keep pouring down the water, its so vital. Also keep in mind you most likely will feel sick going through this, please stick with your own intuition and know when you should be checked and when its just a part of the cleansing process. Know there is a light at the end of the rainbow. I plan on being completely allergy/asthma free and I'll keep ya posted!

I'll get copies of my blood work, etc and see if I can get the xrays as well. When I have all of this available, I'll post it for anyone interested on my website where you can see for yourself. I'm thinking I'll also on the next Liver cleanse have the stones checked by a lab where I can include it too.


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