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Published: 16 years ago
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Hi PTtogether,

Let me try to explain this from another view point?

Hydrogen is the element which determines the acidity of every pH, the more hydrogen means the more acid the condition is!

Most of the time OXYGEN will determine how Alkaline the the pH will be!

Most Alkaline Minerals may be present in foods in a Carbon bond with Oxygen!

This means that the compounds may be in a carbonate form, or that the food is in a Carbohydrate form, and "IF" the Carbohydrate is of a Complexed and Highly Mineralized form, then this type of Carbohydrate is Healthy for the body!

But "IF" the carbohydrate has been Refined or Processed or does not have plenty of Alkaline Minerals bound with it, then this type of food may cause your body to become more Acidic!!

Now let us consider when a glass of water sits out in the open in the sunshine and air and wind, as what happens?

The water will evaporate!

Why does the water evaporate?

Could it be because of the extra OXYGEN which is available, and that this has a drying effect, and that this causes the ratios of Oxygen to be much greater than the Hydrogen and thus the Hydrogen is unable to keep the water acidic enough to keep it in a water compound?

So all things which may cause an Alkaline pH, may have a drying out effect on the body!

So what does a drying out effect have on the stool or the urine?

Could it be that a drying effect means that the stool will be more solid?

If this is the case, then the opposite of this is that the stool would be more liquid, which is the case when one has Diarrhea!

So when one has Diarrhea their body has become TOO ACIDIC!!!!!

So the opposite of this is true when one has become constipated!

Yet, all is not as it may seem in the case of constipation, because generally one is constipated because their body became too Acidic first and the proper digestive flora were Killed off in the Digestive system and now this has allowed the digestive part of the body to become too Alkaline , while the rest of the body may be too acidic!

And constipation may be easily solved with an enema and drinking more water and taking a small pinch of Epsom Salt with each meal with some extra calcium, so as to provide the body the Electrical Energy needed by the Liver and Kidneys to do their thing!!

Now to the pH of the Urine: Let us look at this condition like we are on top of a mountian which this mountain is made of all Alkaline Minerals and it has a stream of water running down it.

And the Alkaline Minerals of the mountain are very soluable, so they easily are picked up in the water as the water flows down the mountain!

So at the bottom of the mountain the water is highly mineralized and is thus Alkaline in pH!!!

Now let us take another mountain which is made with High amounts of different kinds of Acids which are in pools along the stream which flows down the mountain and these pools of Acid are slowly seeping into the stream at all times as the water flows down the mountain!

So at the bottom of the mountain when you get a sample of this water, it is full of Excess Acids, which make this water very Acidic!!!!

Now just how different is the urine of the body , "IF" the fluids which end up comming out as Urine, travels thru the body full of acids??

Would not the urine then be Acid also??

So like wise, if the body has plenty of Alkaline Minerals for the body fluids to become Alkaline, then the Urine may become Alkaline as the urine leaves the body!!

So "IF" the urine is too Acid, then this may mean that the body overall, which contains the Lymphatic System which contains Most of the body fluids, is it's self too Acidic!!

Generally a Fast or a Flush for the body and it's organs, means that you are trying to remove the body's Excess Acids!

The Fast stops food from entering and resulting in more Acid production!

The flush is the process of causing the body too try to flush out the Excess acids!!

This is just the nature of the Beast!!

Smile Tis your choice.

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