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RE: my sons eyes and EYEBRIGHT
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Published: 15 years ago

RE: my sons eyes and EYEBRIGHT


ok, we received the EYEBRIGHT tincture two days ago, we followed the instructions of using 5 drops in a glass (glass, not plastic) added the boiling water to evaporate the alcohol, and then added distilled water. My son waited for it to cool to room temp., and dropped it in his eyes with a glass dropper, a few drops in each eye since it REALLY burned! We thought it best to gradually work up to this, so we did the dropper thing first. That was the FIRST night, 2 nights ago. Now, last night, he wanted to really do this right, so again, he prepared it the same way, and this time, got into the shower and put the glass over his eye, and let the eyewash really flow down into his eye, one eye at a time. He moved his eyes around and all, just like they tell you to do. That was last night, the SECOND night.
He felt a little "weird" after doing that, his eyes felt "strange", but nothing really bad. He felt a slight improvement, and the "mesh" seemed to be a littler
"dimmer", not as noticeable. TODAY, he woke up feeling not to good. His eyes did have a little crust on them (which I know is natural for using this), but they also felt "weird" again, VERY DRY, and his sinuses were already kicking in! So, today hasn't been a "good" day for him with his eyes, or head. RIGHT NOW, at 8:40pm., his eyes are still VERY DRY, and his VISION is blurry! His sinuses are hurting again, his eyes feel as if they are coming to a "point" (which I remember having told you from before, when he had that bad "episode" two weeks ago), and his pupils feel as though they're going to pop out of his eyes, in his own words. OK, so, does anyone know what's going on here? He HAD been using swedish bitters for the last two weeks, and the "mesh" had been sort of "dimming" a bit, even to the point where in a DIMLY LIT room, the "mesh" wasn't bad, and that in itself is a miracle, because before, if he was in a dimly lit room the "mesh" was always very very bad, but after using the swedish bitters, that seemed to be diminishing. BUT NOW, after having used the EYEBRIGHT, we seem to be having problems!!! HELP!!!!!!

I've posted here before, about my sons eyes, but I'll reiterate his problem briefly: about 2 yrs. ago, he started having what he calls "mesh" over his eyes, it started small, and gradually became worse over the two yrs...he never had any other symptoms, no headaches, until about 8-9 mos. ago when he started getting sinus headaches but that also runs in my family, I get them too. However, this "mesh" was getting ridiculous. If he was in a brighly lit room, or in the daylight, he didn't see it. But, if in a dimly lit room, FORGET IT,,,the "mesh" was bad. The headaches seemed to accompany this, so either the "mesh" would seem to get worse and THEN he'd get the headache, or vice versa. Sometimes, however, just the mesh was there. It never left. He would be ok at work, since it's brightly lit, and he'd be feeling ok...however, upon him coming home, it would start up, sometimes badly...WITH A HEADACHE and slight nauseasness. To me, it sounds like some sort of allergic reaction, or parasites. We received the EYEBRIGHT tincture the other day, and I posted above about that. We have also ordered HUMAWORMS de-wormer package, which we are presently waiting for. Humaworm feels it is parasitical, and I do the least, it must be an allergic reaction,'s just that after he used the EYEBRIGHT last night, ans washed out his eyes with it, it seems like today he's not doing to well......between the sinus pressure, and the blurry vision (which he didn't even have before!!!) COULD THIS BE FROM THE EYEBRIGHT? ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS TYPE OF REACTION TO IT????/

thank you all so much!

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