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Re: My Story So Far

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: My Story So Far

Hi Virago,

> I did go out and buy quite a few different supplements [some of which I am yet to try - Chlorella, Wheat Grass Powder]

Chlorella can make some people a LOT worse and some brands can contain mercury anyway as it absorbs it from the environment. It made me feel intolerably wired and on edge though some people can deal with it. It's not considered a true chelator as it does not contain two "thiols"....true chelator should contain 2 thiols (ie are dithiols) like ALA, DMSA, DMPS. Here is one post by Andy Cutler on chlorella....

I've never tried wheatgrass and don't know enough about it to comment really....I do know it's very detoxifying and alkalising which are both obviously good things but I've heard of people reacting badly to it, regardless if they are mercury toxic. It's not a chelator.

> and some I have tried, with rather debilitating results; Selenium, Garlic and MSM all knock me out basically.

Garlic and MSM are high sulphur foods which are containdicated if you have high plasma cysteine (which some mercury toxic people are). They will start moving mercury around without it actually being excreted and make you more toxic....they (garlic) only contains one thiol. I've never had a blood cysteine test but I feel I react to high thiol foods. Includes things like broccolli, eggs, cabbage dairy, cauliflower, broccoflower, onions, garlic, leeks, turnips, brussels sprouts and most beans though you may be ok with some of these foods. Watch for any worsening of symptoms after eating these may need to avoid them completely.

Some things can help eg taking molybdenum though you may still need to avoid.

Selenium can be toxic, stick to food-state selenium (I use Cytoplan's) or food sources.

> I do want to try the ALA soon too; its a bit of a lottery really when it comes to after-effects.

If you do, start off on very low doses eg 5-10mg as you are obviously quite sensitive, but I would get Cutler's book first, it's worth the money (I don't work for him BTW!).

> I forgot to mention a few things in my first post [duh lol] such as the fact I did order a Kelmer Test [DMSA] from Biolab in London prior to removal......Anyway, the DMSA REALLY knocked me out - every muscle ached, as though an elephant had trodden on me or something lol. Took a week to recover to be honest, so won't be doing that again in a hurry!

I had that too and tested positively for mercury. However challenge tests can be misleading at best and dangerous at worse as they don't tell you how much mercury you have in your brain. Also taking a chelator for a one off test can cause redistribution which is possibly what happened with you. DMSA is considered safe if taken at low doses and frequent intervals, though some people can't tolerate it at all, it didn't really agree with me.

> Oh, I had to laugh about the nail varnish thing - sorry, I didnt explain why that was suggested by that particular doctor. Basically, he thought these odd 'ridges' and brittleness in some of my nails was due to a fungal infection, and that by applying nail varnish, the infection would be suffocated off or something.

LOL!! Well there's not much you can say about that really!!!!!
Ridges are usually due to malabsorption of nutrients which goes hand in hand with mercury obviously. Taking HCL and enzymes may help with that, also juices and addressing gut issues. I don't know what meridian thumb and middle fingers are linked to.

Yes the spiders!!! I usually have them suspended over my bed, either a very large one or a big cobweb with lots of little ones! I'd never experienced anything like that until about 3-4 yrs ago and it never happens during the day, only when I'm drifting off to sleep, and when I've been feeling ill during the day. I open my eyes and see them....and usually leap out of bed dodging the cobweb, switch on the light and they're not there. It's not something I'm bothered about as it doesn't happen very often but it's just not very pleasant when it does happen! I think it could be related to histamine levels which mercury can affect.

Take care :)



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