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Re: marnica's pain

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: marnica's pain

Aye, however I did not say DiamondCrown causes teeth to be root canalled or
Extracted. What I said was that if she is in pain day after day and keeps waiting
for it to get better she is very likely in my opinion to reach such a state were she
will be advised that her only option will be a root canal or extraction.

In fact now that I remember some of the older post, I think others with her EXACT symptoms were told in this forum that they must get a root canal. I {{{{had}}} her EXACT symptoms too and I was also told that.

I suspect that diamondCrown can only be used with the diamond brand flowable and diamond brand bond.

I myself had the exact same symptoms as pretty much every poster here that got diamondcrown. Extreme sensitivity to cold some pain. Over a period of almost 2 months I waited and waited for the cold sensitivity to get better. I knew it was common from our constant drivel on this board. Naturally I was skeptical as the pain was only on one side. Again, as with the others...

Now I know better.

You should not feel any pain at all after composites are put in. Except at the very most a slight sensitivity for 1 to 3 days... at the very most.

The pain is caused due to the following conditions;
- A bad bite. This leads to cold sensitivity and cracks in the enamel that inevitably lead dentists to give you 2 options. One, root canal, 2 extractions.

- Over shrinking of the composite. Leads to the same problems as above.

- Air in the composite.

- Incompatible composite materials used for the filling. This means that the filling is not compatible with the flowable and glue.

- Bad technique, leading a bad filling or bad bite and ultimately to cracks in the tooth and pulpal infection, which in turn leads to a root canal or extraction.

Don't walk, run to your dentists and demand that he actually call the damn company and find out how to use diamondcrown properly.

I don't really care if she takes my advice, I am just trying to prevent her from
ending up in a real horror situation.

You may think you are getting better. I also thought that. You may be just fooling yourself. If it was realy getting better, you would know this for sure. The drilling did not cause me any damage nor were my fillings deep by any sense. I had 0 cavities or decay under the amalgams.

My pain was very little at first. It was mostly just extreme cold sensitivity.
Over time I thought I got better and at times I thought I was getting worse. How much are you really getting better??? I bet you can barely tell. You had them replaced a month ago right?

Then, after a bite adjustment, I started getting some real unsolicited pain throughout the day. It grew to be worse by the day.

The dentists advised me to get a root canal. He could
A) not explain what was happening
B) could not explain why I needed a root canal
c) could not show me any evidence or logic by way of x-ray or any other test...bla bla of the need for a root canal or any damage

I forced him to adjust the bite again, something he did not want to do. Prior to this I took my own advice and did not touch my teeth together for 1 week. In 2 days the cold sensitivity was gone and the 3 day all pain was gone. This was all before I went in for the 2nd adjustment.

After the 2nd adjustment I waited a few days and started eating normally. I have no problems now.

I do still have the evidence of my trauma in the form of a swelling on the side of one of my molars (the length of a tooth). It is not painful and is almost gone.

I am not sure what it is from. I could be that a crack developed in my tooth and caused the pulp to develop an infection.

It could be that the bad bite and the pressure extended on the tooth caused the tooth, the nerve that is, to be extremely aggravated.

For sure it was not from the drilling because I did not have the unsolicited pain prior to the 1 st adjustment. This is a period of over a month if not 2.

The cold sensitivity was severe and I found it difficult to believe it could have been from a bad bite. For sure, what I did stopped the pain within days. Therefore, I am sure that the bite was to be blamed for in part. I also think that not using a diamond brand flowable and glue contributed to the temperature sensitivity.

The warm saltwater treatment... it seems many do not understand its merits. So let me explain how it relates. I leave it up to you to judge its merit with relation to your situation. The warm saltwater makes the infected puss which is collection of the bacteria and related material more flowable and be able to naturally expel through the gums. You see, some people would have you believe that when a swelling (this is not necessarily an infection)...

side note *dentists refer to both swelling and infection as abscess. they do not differentiate. and some upon evidence of either believe that a root canal is absolutely necessary*

...does not have a way to leave the tooth and therefore god made orthodontists to open the tooth, drain it, and give you a root canal. This is not so. The tooth does have a means to expel swelling naturally. what a surprise. Aren't you surprised? This is shocking no? Ok... I'll leave the sarcasm ;) The puss or swelling leaves at the tips of the root into the gums and then slowly makes it way into the open mouth via the gum. It does not need to go through the hard enamel. Again, what a shock...

Even if you do not have a swelling you can see, rinsing with warm saltwater will help make your gums softer for about 20 minutes and greatly help them get rid of any wastes.

Having chewing pressure on the tooth from a bad bite can create stress on the tooth and the tooth can develop swelling around the tips. I don't see any evidence that dentists can differentiate between this type of swelling (abscess) and an abscess that in some way is irreversible. For the most part I think they tend to go YEPEE ROOT CANAL!!

My dentist told me...I could take an x-ray but I can't tell anyway... upper molars always look abscessed. Of course he did take an x-ray. LOL.

Run to the dentist and give him hell before you f**k up your healthy teeth. There is something really wrong with your filings. You should not have pain for more than a few days. If you wait long enough, the nerve will die. It is not capable of being in constant pain for prolonged periods of time. if you don't believe this, ask your dentists, even they know this much.

I starting to wonder if this nerve death in some sense is a form of suicide. What I mean is that if some conditions arise that cause great pain to the tooth, letís not forget man has a 40,000 year history on this planetÖ and remedy is not sought within a given time frameÖexample 2 monthsÖ the nerve dies or becomes less capable of perceiving pain.

I think this nerve death is a natural way for the body to enable you to live on and cope. It is amazing how smart our body is. I think if you wait long enough, you pain will go away. The question is, will your nerve still be alive and functioning?

Everything here is just my opinion. I could be wrong so read it in that light. On a final note.


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