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Re: bacteria and cancer
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: bacteria and cancer

In 1914, a Dr. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic (or what later became the Mayo clinic) presented a scientific paper to a medical convention detailing his experiments with bacterial transmutation that he was able to control by changing the food, temperature and other living conditions of the bacteria. In short, he proved experimentally that bacterial respond to their environment and could be changed from harmless to harmful bacteria, and back again to harmless by altering their terrain. Rod-shaped bacteria evolved into round bacteria, and vice versa--the scientific equivalent of changing cats into dogs and then back into cats, according to the prevaling theories of the day. His paper was published in the J.A.M.A. (Journal of the American Medical Association) and caused an uproar because it ran afoul of the "germ theory of disease" which claimed bacteria were what they were and not subject to the type of mutation his documented experiments proved were possible. The outrage against his findings were so violent that he never spoke of this body of work again, however, his experiments were repeated successfully by other scientists that came after him.

The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D. explained that bacteria are "nature's undertakers" present wherever there are diseased cells that need to be broken down and disposed of, that serve a purpose but of course can overwhelm an organism with toxic byproducts and cause illness in this way. In times of extreme crisis from bacterial infection, Antibiotics can be lifesavers. But Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers that also affect the beneficial bacterial that perform processes we can't live without, such as the "friendly flora" in the bowel that break down food and provide a major component of the immune system, which then becomes compromised. Other than extreme, life-threatening cases, its better to avoid Antibiotics and deal with bacteria through changes in the internal enviroment that harbors them. For one thing, people with cancer have a very low pH--their systems are far too acidic. You can check your pH with testing strips (Hyperion brand is good) in the morning before eating or drinking anything, even water. 7.4 is normal (healthy). Cancer patients usually have a pH of 6 or below. Bringing that up requires a major effort and usually a lifestyle change to positive thinking and alkaline-forming foods. I've seen forums on this site that address this issue. I've had to deal with the same problem since my adrenals and thyroid crashed a few years ago but had been unable to bring my numbers up until recently. I was able to re-program my thinking somewhat with a healing program I found on a website: (not cheap) which brought down my blood pressure to dead-on normal, and then when I started using a seawater product based on the research and findings of French phyiologist Rene Quinton in the early 1900s, which has miraculously (it seems) slowly started to bring my pH up. The point is, there are better ways to deal with bacterial infection. I can speak with some authority as a survivor of a flesh-eating bacterial infection (strept A combined with staph) that kills many people. (It started with a vaccination) It could have wiped out my family and we almost got arrested and our daughter taken away from us for refusing antibiotics, but by using hydrotherapy at home (alternating hot and cold packs to stimulate blood circulation) and doing an alkaline-forming diet we all recovered without medical intervention. Of course we had to flee the state to do it, but were following the instructions of our naturopath, Dr. Harold Dick. If you want to look at some gross pictures of people with this infection who were unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics, go to and look at the "survivors" photos. Some of our own photos are on my site on the vaccination pages. (I'm a health researcher. This is my favorite website.)

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