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Treatment alternatives for cancer
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Published: 18 years ago
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Treatment alternatives for cancer

I've spent years doing research in the field of alternative medicine, particularly for cancer treatments (See and found a lot of treatment information, with more to come. In fact, I've got a stack of unread books, reports, newsletters, CDs, video tapes, audio tapes, and the like which will probably take years to cull through and add to my site. However, in the last few months I've come across two new treatment protocols that very few know about.

The first one is German New Medicine, created by a German physician, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, ( who was imprisoned after providing proof in the way of brain scans in thousands of cases that emotional trauma preceeds the physical changes that lead to disease, and addressing the emotional states of his patients first instead of rushing to invasive physical treatments.

The second one is "The Marine Treatment" created by French physiologist Rene Quinton in the early 1900's ( He proved that diluted seawater is so identical to blood plasma as to be interchangeable. In fact, in dog trials, seawater was used for a blood replacement for transfusion. He went further in one experiment by draining all the blood from a dog and replacing it completely with seawater. Within 4 days the seawater had transmuted to blood in a completely documented trial that should have made medical history. After that he started treating patients with seawater injections (luckily, they have found that drinking it works) for every manner of disease. The before-and-after photos of patients, particularly of dying babies, are mind-boggling. Seawater is the ultimate nutritional supplement with every mineral known to man and other components needed to sustain life in an organic form completely compatible with all mammal life. Of course you don't go out and suck it up. They harvest it many miles out to sea and 90 feet deep and only under certain conditions, and without contact with metal (which brings up some questions). Then you only take it in small amounts.

If I had cancer, I'd be doing the diets with added carrot,celery and beet root juiced, and green superfood drinks, avoiding refined carbs, sugar, or grain binges, applying escharotic salves (bloodroot salves alternated with light salves), drinking Essiac tea, taking all kinds of enzymes, particularly pancreatic enzymes, using Dr. Budwig's food remedy, taking glandular protomorphogens and tissue salts, treating my immune system with that new mushroom remedy from Japan, staying outside as much as possible (tumors grow much faster in dirty inside air) but also applying German New Medicine principles to resolve inner conflicts and taking whatever steps needed, at whatever cost, to unload and avoid stress of any kind, and I'd be sipping Ocean Plasma like my life depended on it...just for starters.


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