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Re: Overian Cancer help

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Overian Cancer help

Hi Odette,
To me it sounds like your liver is plugged possibly, if the pain is right below your rib cage, especially on the right side, but can be both. The symptoms you describe are like the ones my wife has she says. Coffe enemas are good for helping the liver dump the toxins. I really think the liver overloading with toxins is the first step to cancer. You only get cancer when the immune system is "not working", which is caused by it being over burdened from trying to destroy toxins the liver & kidney should be eliminating. Dr. Pressman and a lot of other people say doing the liver cleanse is the first and truly necessary step to good health, so do the Dr. Clark liver cleanse if you can. You have to do several to make sure. At least 4.
My wife wants me to ask if you use a collinder when you do the colonics. This is how she sees all "the goodies". She wants to know if you massage your colon from the left to the right and back when you do the colonics. The colonics won't work right if you don't do that she says.
She says she gets bloody mucas, flukes, tape worm types of worms, black stuff like in a dirty coffee pot that coats the toilet, that's really hard to wash out & smells bad, (dead in my opinion) also she has whole food coming out. Remember she has IBS, so that could explain some of this. We think the whole food is from lack of emzymes or good bacteria. The mucas is one of the symptoms of IBS also. The blood in the mucas she thinks is from the parasites. She says this stuff only comes out when she does the colonics, except maybe the raw food. Truthfully, to me, it's amazing anything can live with a digestive system like that. I'm thinking a ozone colonic would be the ticket. :-) This would kill all the bad stuff like parasites, fungus, yeasts, virus, bad bacteria, and help all the good stuff down there. Ok enough of the "details" now I have to puke, and I'll be right back. (hehe)
A lot of people who have cancer have parasites, according to Dr. Clark. I've tested 5 people for parasites & the two that had cancer, had parasites. So do the parasite cleanse, just to be sure. They can put out so much toxins, it weakens the cells further and causes them to go cancerous. Do the Dr. Clark cleanse, or at least go to a health food store and get some there, that includes Wormwood , cloves, & Black-Walnut .
Ok for the breast cancer, do the ozone cupping, drink the ozonated water, ozonated baths, and maybe the breathing ozone. To breath the ozone you just turn on the ozone generator and let it run while you're in the room. I would also do the apricots seed, and/or Dr. Budwig flax oil cotttage cheese diet also. I really believe in stacking the treatments. For me that is what has worked for my problems.
Like someone said already, if you get any bad symptoms from breathing ozone "straight" like chest pains or something like that, that doesn't feel good or hurts, take a break for a few days & try it again with less amounts. If it hurts again when you do it, don't do it any more. Always use your body as a guide. What may work for someone, may not work for you and I don't want to hurt anyone. Like that person said the "proper" way to breath ozone is through olive oil. I think another good way is to put the ozone though water also.
I want to ask you also if you're taking hormones. This is another wat the FDA causes breast cancer. I'm thinking of writting a bood called "Cancer does kill you, the medical establish does!"
The oxygen concentrator is really of little use according to Dr. Pressman. Anyway I hope this helps you!
Take Care,

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