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Re: B-17 Tapioca
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: B-17 Tapioca

Cancer & Sickle Cell Anemia Medicines in Food Crops (Cassava)
Cassava is the main food for many third world nations, and is a staple in most regions of Africa. There are about 29 species, ranging in taste from sweet to bitter. These 29 species are planned to be grouped into only one or two species--Sweet Cassava and Bitter Cassava. This name change will confuse people who want to know which cassava plants have the best concentrations of Vitamin B17, or which have other desirable traits such as long storage. [Long-storage cassava plants helped Africans survive when returning after a war.] It is the Bitter Cassava Plant (Manihot esculenta) that produces the Cancer Vitamin, B17, which helps kill single cancer cells before they can form a lump.

Vitamin B17 also keeps certain people from dying--It helps keep people alive who have two recessive genes for Sickle Cell Anemia.


In Africa and other swampy areas where mosquitos and malaria germs thrive, people more often have Red Blood Cells shaped like a quarter-moon, or like a sickle (instead of normal round cells). People who have both a normal gene, and a sickle gene, can survive malaria diseases better than people with totally normal hemoglobin genes. It is when people have two sickle genes that death can occur from Sickle Cell Anemia.

How Vitamin B17 helps Sickle Cell Anemia. Cyanates can control the sickle cell crisis. Thiocyanate is thought to be the active molecule that helps people with sickle-shaped Red Blood Cells. It is an intermediary product in the metabolism of B-17.

Recommended Daily Dose for People with Sickle Cell Anemia:*

50 to 100 mg Vitamin B-17 For small children
250 to 500 mg per day for adults


The above is an example where both mutated GENES and medicinal FOODS help people survive. The two types of hemoglobin (Hh-normal & sickle gene) protects people against malaria germs, and the Vitamin B17 in the Bitter Cassava Plant helps keep people with two sickle genes (hh) from dying.

Cancer Vitamins taken out of Foods

Selective cultivation in the U.S. has bred plants to be sweeter, and the natural medicinal bitter (cyanogenic) taste was bred out of plants. Today, only the seeds are cyanogenic, where previously the leaves, pulp and skin also contained these cyanogenic glucosides (sugars) and glycosides (non-sugars). Cyanates help kill cancer cells and protect plants from diseases, and from being eaten by insects and small animals. In the right dose, it is safe medicine for man. Without natural medicines, plants become diseased. This is a reason why pesticides are now necessary. Taking medicines out of plants, and outlawing medicinal plants, are two reasons why cancer and diseases have increased in America to epidemic rates.]

Danger of Genetic Engineering & Human Experimentation with Food Crops.

The World Bank (and other globalists-multinationals), with Genetic Engineers, plan to take the B17 Cell Medicine out of the Cassava Plant (a staple crop in several Third World nations). They say there are side effects of cassava, which is true. In about four African Nations, people who are mal-nourished can suffer nerve damage when they lack certain vitamins. But this number is very small compared to the 600 million people who eat cassava. In most nations, side-effects of cassava is not a problem. The nerve damage can be prevented simply by giving these people sulfured proteins, and by planting cassava species that have the RIGHT DOSE of anti-cancer vitamins. If the cancer vitamin (B17) is taken out of a main food crop, it may likely cause even greater problems--such as millions of people dying in greater numbers from various diseases, such as cancer.

Genetic Engineering on Food Crops
At the time time of this writing, there are two cassava patents--one for a naturally-occurring disease-resistant gene, and one for a gene affecting the type of starch produced.

Below is an argument for genetic engineering in plants. [They want to take out the cancer-Vitamin-B17 gene and replace it with a bacteria gene.] Notice how the words "improved crops" and "undesireable genes" can make a possible horrendous idea sound like a good idea.

QUOTE: "Many genes used in genetically improved crops, such including the
Bt gene isolated from soil bacteria, have a long history of perfect safety
and ecological record. Further, many genes introduced into crop plants
(such as those used to develop slow ripening tomato) are derived
essentially from the same crop but inserted in a reverse manner to silence
the undesirable genes, so as to slow down the ripening in tomato or
prevent cyanide production in cassava." UNQUOTE


(1) Response to the "safety" of bacteria Bt gene. COMMENT: Genetic engineering on the Soy Plant also enjoyed "a long history of safety", until children and birds who ate genetically-manipulated soy were found to have suffered terribly, both in health and in behavior. The bird population began to die off. (see Parrot Society) | New Zealand has now outlawed certain soy, and allows only safe soy products. But a greater danger is New Zealand's idea of putting soy under "doctors prescription"--this may lead to TOTAL CONTROL of medicinal plants and foods--exactly what globalists want.

(2) Response to inserting Genes to cause slow-ripening Tomato. COMMENT: The tomato plant creates hundreds of healthy Food Medicines in the ripening process (these protect the tomato's delicate skin from "sunburns"). When we eat these sun-ripened tomatoes, these same Food Medicines also protect us from skin cancer, eye cataracts, and other diseases. Slowing down the ripening of tomatoes can cause "deficiencies" of valuable cancer-fighting Vitamin-Medicines.

NOTE: Supermarkets often buy tomatoes picked green or lacking good genes to make the cancer-fighting, deep-red pigments. The green tomatoes are usually "ripened with chemicals" on trains. These tomatoes often are a sickly light red-orange color, instead of the deep-red color of sun-ripened tomatoes.-- Eating foods without Natural Food Medicines can result in skin cancers, eye cataracts, and other diseases.

(3) Response to eliminating "Cyanide" in Cassava. COMMENT: Taking the B17 Cell Medicine entirely out of the plant may mean that millions of people could experience epidemic increases in CANCER and other diseases similar to the U.S., where the Cancer Vitamin (B17) has been taken out of the American diet (by breeding out of plants the Vitamin B17 gene, or by outlawing plants with Vitamin B17). It may also mean that thousands may die of Sickle Cell Anemia, since people will no longer have the B17 Food Medicine in their diet. So it's critical that the Cancer Vitamin B17 be kept in the Cassava Plant. [At the time of this writing, globalists plan to take out the anti-cancer Vitamin B17 gene, and insert a foreign gene from a bacteria. They then want their genetic modified plants to replace the vitamin-B17-producing cassava plants as rapidly as possible. There has been no testing, so whole nations of people are being experimented on.]



1)1 kg cut cassava
2)half of one fresh coconut-grated
3)Very small red onions(shallot?)--10
4)Salt as necessary
5)Turmeric powder--half teaspoonful
6)Curry leaves--2 to 3 stems


Boil the cut (small pieces) washed cassava in water (fully immersed).
Strain the water out. Blend the other ingredients in a blender. Pour half
of the blended mixture over half of the cooked cassava. Now add the other
half of the cooked cassava and over it the other half of the blended
mixture mentioned before. Simmer the cooked cassava with blended mixture
for two minutes under light heat and under cover. Now mash the cassava
with a wooden spoon. Set this aside. Heat half a cup of coconut oil in a
frying pan. When hot add a pinch of mustard seeds and let them break in
oil. Add 50 grams of chopped onions and brown. Put some curry leaves. Now
pour the hot oil with Newit's contents over the cassava previously
prepared and mix. Serve hot with fish curry.

[Old-fashion Tapioca is often made with half-sweet, and half-bitter
cassava. Made this way, Tapioca also helps fight cancer because it has


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