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How I passed 1/4 Cup of gallstones (including a 2 cm & some 1 cm gallstones

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Published: 21 years ago
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How I passed 1/4 Cup of gallstones (including a 2 cm & some 1 cm gallstones

Before I go into my story, I must thank The people who put this site together are angels sent from heaven.

For about a year or two I had been suffering from some excruciatingly painful gallstone attacks but didn't know what was going on. At first, I unsuccessfully tried to medicate myself with Tums, and Pepcid AC. When that didn't work, I told my doctor that I had intense pain and I thought it might have been acid indigestion because it occured in what I thought was my upper stomach area after eating and would keep me up all night in agony. My doctor told me to take 2 Pepcid AC and Mylanta (which of course didn't work because I wasn't having a problem with acid indigestion). When I told her that the Pepcid AC didn't work, she gave me a prescription for some sort of super strong acid indigestion medicine. Although she sent me in for blood testing to see if I had ulcers, she never thought to send me in for for an ultra sound to diagnose me for gallstones.

In early March of this year I had another all night gallstone attack and when her prescription strength acid indigestion medicine didn't work, I took myself to the emergency room because I was getting pissed off with my doctor's inability to provide a diagnosis. The emergency room did an ultra sound on me and quickly diagnosed me with gallstones. They said that I had a 2 cm gallstone and said that I would need to have surgery to have it removed. Despite the fact that they said I needed surgery, I was thrilled because at least I had a proper diagnosis!

When I went to see a surgeon, she recommended that I remove my entire gall bladder because she said that the stone was too large to dissolve and she said that people don't just remove the Gallstones anymore because they're concerned about Gallstones getting caught in the cystic or common bile duct. I was concerned about cutting out an organ which I figured that God had put there for a reason. She saw the look of concern on my face and said that she didn't want me to have the surgery if I wasn't comfortable in doing it. To the best of my recollection, she also said that she figured I'd be back when the Gallstones started bothering me enough.

It looks like I won't have to see that surgeon again. :o) On Saturday, August 31, 2002, I passed a 2 cm gallstone, a few 1 cm gallstones, and about 1/4 cup of gallstones ranging in size between the size of grape nuts and the size of peas.

I did it by fasting on fresh organic apple juice combined with a stone dissolve tea that I got from Although I don't believe that the tea did much to dissolve my 2 cm gallstone, I'm sure it helped. I fasted on only apple juice and water between Wednesday and noon on Friday. After noon on Friday, I only drank distilled water.

At about 6:30 pm on Friday night, I stopped drinking water. At 8:30 pm, I started to drink 2 cups of organic cold pressed olive oil and 1 cup of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice. I did this slowly by swallowing 4 tablespoons of olive oil followed by two tablespoons of lemon juice every 15 minutes or as often as I could stomach it without vomiting. I watched movies as I did this and lied down on my right side. I went to sleep when I was tired.

I did my best to detox and cleanse my colon prior to beginning my gallstone cleanse. With exception of the fact that I used castor oil packs for about a month before my cleanse and also used a stone dissolve tea, I basically followed a variation of the gallstone recipie "Are you 'Stoned'?" My variation was that I added stone dissolve tea to the apple juice and used chopsticks instead of a paint stick & index card fish the gallstones out. I am so excited that it worked! I must confess that I was a little nervous because what my surgeon had said about gallstones getting caught in the duct after surgery. But when I had read that gallstones the size of chicken eggs had been passed with this method, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try. I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER GALLBLADDER ATTACK AGAIN!

The gallstones were mostly dark jade green in color. I put them in a mason jar to show off to my doctor friend who laughed at the idea of my doing this cleanse. Most of the stones were about the size of grape nuts. Some were clumped together. Some were shaped like corn, some were shaped like peas. I did not experience pain (except the discomfort of feeling hungry while fasting and some mild nausea from drinking the olive oil). Most of them came out with my first visit to the toilet and I confess that I was concerned because I couldn't find any 2 cm gallstones but when that one passed as well, I was thrilled!

When I was tempted to eat, I asked myself, what's worse: going a little hungry for a few days, (which can be resolved by drinking massive quantities of water) or the excruciating pain of a gallstone attack that keeps me up all night in agony and/or the possibility of having my gallbladder removed which apparently according to my doctor would have caused me the sensation of having a nonstop gallbladder attacks for one to two weeks in addition to the apparent complications which can arise from surgery?

I'm also pleased that I lost about 15 pounds as a result of doing the cleanse. But I think that that's just a pleasant side effect of the fasting. I am mostly just

Thank you again to You are my favorite web site.

- Julia

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