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Re: Is she cheating on me? (Very Long)
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Is she cheating on me? (Very Long)

Not at all, i appreciate what you have said.

She has lied one or two times but she did have a reason.

She didnt want to come round to mine (headache), as she had been somewhere with her dad for a job interview abroad and she couldnt bring herself to tell me if she had got the job.

Im not, well i dont think i am, possesive, ive never stopped her doing this or that, she goes anywhere she likes. If theres a party going out and theres blokes then no problem.

She tells me if blokes have tried it on with her, and she has always told them shes got a boyfriend.

Okay she looks at blokes, but im guilty of that as in women.

But i wouldnt go behind her back as i realise how much she means to me. To hurt her would hurt myself.

I do care about her, ive always been there, she woke me up at 3am once to tell me she had been assaulted, i was round hers at 3:30am. When she was ill for two weeks i was there every day, apart from the first day when she was really ill and wouldnt let me come round, i was gutted.

I guess it works the other way as in last saturday.

She says im so understanding unlike the others.

It was her who said she wanted to marry me as she has found the one she wants to be with for the rest of her life.

She is always slagging off people who two time. Like in Coronation Street or some of her mates.

That mate of her must have had a bloke from every continent, straight up, i do take the piss out of her and my girlfriend does too. But i will speak to her for my girlfriends sake. I try to get on with her.

Okay her cousin hates me but so what, it was one of the funniest things ever, but my girlfriend dont like her either much.

She understands why im angry with her mate and she was with her as well.

She always asks me to text her when im home if ive been with her.

I do make an effort, i send flowers for no reason, cards, letters etc etc.

Ill suprise her by saying theres something for you outside and its just plain old me, but she loves and appreciates that.

I do embarass her sometimes, on Valentines Day i had arranged with her boss to go into work with a dozen roses. So i walk in and she got really embarassed, gave me a hug and then told me to go.

She did ring later and say sorry for being nasty its just was she was shocked etc.

From what you have all said, it has given me a right kick up the arse.

I realise that i should be the best for her and not being all paranoid.

I dont want to lose her, okay shes my first serious one but i already know i want to be with her forever.

People say im too young to be tied down, but so what, i dont want to slag about, i just want a happy relationship with my girlfriend.

I think we all flirt and mess around with the opposite sex, its only a bit of fun isnt it?

She always tells me what she does, she told me she grabbed her mates (different one) boyfriends privates as he picked her up.

Would she tell me that if she had done anything wrong?

She said she would always tell me if she has done anything with a bloke but she says she never will.

I have to believe her, i dont want to lose her, if i go through life thinking that shes doing this every time she goes out then im going to get worked up, have a go at her for maybe something she hasnt done, i lose her, im single and unhappy cause ive lost her.

Thats what i dont want.

One time one of her friends was telling me they were in a club and my girlfriend was talking to two blokes (she knew one from school) when one of them pulled a face at her (like a 'You what?'), so this friend went and pushed this lad, and my girlfriend said she was only asking how old he was.

So my mind starts being silly and thinking this and that. I spoke to a female friend of mine and she says its harmless and she asks blokes there ages without chatting them up.

This is all new to me, i dont know what to expect from relationships.

People say she is insecure which i agree with, im insecure myself.

Someone said its a bit weird that she is always saying she wants me forever and never wants to lose me.

But isnt that a sign of how much she cares about me?

We didnt progress our relationship for 9 months as she didnt want to force me into anything. She was the one who did all the chasing too.

I understood her about the virgin issue, thats why i wasnt mad, i cant be mad with her. I should have noticed sooner but she was quite convincing about her ex and their 'sexual relationship'.

Okay sometimes she does wind me up by saying i only let you do it cause YOU like it then when i start to go off on one about that she shouldnt do stuff is she is not happy, she then says she was only joking.

But then again im just as bad.

So tomorrow,
I need an idea for when she picks me up tomorrow.

Something romantic or whatever, just to make her know how much she means to me.

A big hug as soon as i see her is already in my mind.

Anything else?

Im sorry to hear about your story TG39, it must be hard for you putting your trust in her and then that happening. Some women/blokes will always be the same, they always want more than one.

But never forget there is that special one waiting around the corner for you.

As for the spying, i think ill just let it pass, ive got to trust her, rumours are very nasty and they may be untrue but even so theres no proof she has been kissing other blokes.


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