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[gallstones] Colic-Flush....NOT!!!

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Barry Views: 4,092
Published: 19 years ago

[gallstones] Colic-Flush....NOT!!!

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From: "barry91162"
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 05:25:37 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Colic-Flush....NOT!!!

Hey Flushers,

Last night I tried the 'colic-flush' theory. Flushing while having an
attack. Whereas it may work for someone, it didn't for me. It was a
living hell that ended up in ER at 4am in the morning. Never again
for this flusher.

I was thinking of trying to do it like Dusans grandmother. Remember
that story how she rolled around on the floor and walked around
alnight and got out a cup full of hard marble stones? Well, that was
the goal for me. To get out the hard 1 cm stone out of my gb.

This is how it went...

Ate regularly all day. At night, had a big bowl of dry popcorn. At
around 12 pm, felt the tight feeling building up. I knew a mild type
of attack was coming on. Since my digestive tract was full ( I always
have BM's in the morning) I think the bile works at night to coat the
entire system, or at least the last food of the day. This would seem
to be why the colics happen in the night. I never have them in the
morning ( after BM's, or in the afternoon ). Anyway, since I was
feeling that the gb was emptying the bile and then the stone seems to
be the last to move into position to exit, it would be the most
optimum time to try and move it out. It was sitting at the mouth of
the gb causing the pushing pain. This has always interested me as a
potential time to flush and help to push it out (while it is is the
right position). I've tried ES in an attack but it only seemed to
relax the gb contractions and allow the stone to drop back out of
position of exit. ES relaxing the ducts was desired to allow the
stone to move out but actually it did the opposite in relaxing the gb
contractions. It was relief to the colic before but not the desired
effect of removing the stone. Next time the oil. So...

After one hour of pain, I drank the regular OO/GF mixture. Straight
down. 1/2 cup each, oil and GF mixed together. Laid on right side.
One hour later the pain hit harder. Harder than I have ever felt in
my life. I couldn't lay down anymore (was still on my right side),
couldn't sit, couldn't breathe, couldn't think, etc. I roughed it out
for around two more hour pacing the floor with tears. Breathing
became harder, sweats coming on.
Threw up the oil. Sweats come on my entire body also. Felt dizzy to
the point of passing out. Blacking in and out with shortened breaths.
Went to ER at 4am to get antispasmodic medication. Pain left in 10
minutes after medication. Sleep well after that.

So, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone. Well, at least it didn't work
for me. Could work for someone else, but not a good thing to try
because the gb could explode and really cause a bigger mess in there.
Dusans grandma must have been a tough old cookie, or her ducts where
bigger than mine, or alittle bit of urban myth could be at play.
Note; she didn't try this with a colic attack but she walked around
in pain alnight long.
I haven't heard of a colic-flush that was successful yet.

Thanks for your amusement.
Be Healthy,

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