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Opening the Pandora Box.(long)
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Published: 17 years ago

Opening the Pandora Box.(long)

Hi Shelly,

Just to comments my experiences when on cleaning, sometimes I don't know if it would be better to keep living with the little problems instead of shaking all the dust and try to clean out the toxins we all have inside, in some ways our intelligent body knows more than us where to hide them and keep them where less harm can cause . It's been already 1 year of heavy duty cleanse and healthy life style, I have improved on some things but it has been imposible to get back to where I was 5 years ago, over all in my colon. Anyhow... on january this year 2004 I advised my sister back home in (Bogota) Colombia to start looking in to her health as she had anemia, infertility, parasites problem and in general her white cells were low, however the doctors never really pay attention to those issues and always gave her iron supplements to try to rise the iron levels. The first thing I advised her was to do a parasite cleanse which helped her a lot as she always had parasite problems also to drink kefir made at home with kefir grains which also helped her a lot at the begining, then I told her to remove her Amalgams but unfortunatly there are not experienced dentist on Colombia to safely remove them with the tax of toxins going out without all the safety, regardless the lack of right dentist she decided to go ahead with the Amalgam removal, so I told her basically to have plenty on antioxidants to minimize the effects of mercury on her so she started doing that and she started getting very sick with pain in her joins, sleepy problems, fever, and diahrrea. One day she called me and told me she was feeling very sick she didn't get better, she got a bad diahrrea for 3 days and finally the doctor went to her appartment and as I had predicted they gave her Bactrim for the bacterial problem, that happened on a Wednesday, by saturday I called her and she told me that the diaharrea had stopped and she was felling little bit better. On sunday morning my brother called me at 6:00 am and told me my sister got very sick they had to take her of emergency to the hospital were they tried to level up with blood transfusions as plaquets, white cell, and other stuff was very low and they found she had liquid in the stomach, by 2 pm she went to surgery to find out what was happening inside her stomach and they found a perforation of the colon due to bacterial infection, on the surgery the main organs collapsed (liver, kidney and pancreas), she survived the surgery however 2 hours later she died. This whole thing happened back on april 25 this year. The doctor final diagonse was that she died of leukemia...oh yeah..........
Anyhow sorry about this sad story, but I just wanted all to know that human health is very fragil, that if you are going to get in any cleanse be prepair to fight the battle of your life and get all the weapons ready to use them, also that we are pretty much alone on this battle because there are no doctors educated on really heal people so pretty much you are alone and probably this forum and some others are the only help you can find to straight up your health as well as blood test and other exams,



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