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Re: New to the boards! What a story and hopes.
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: New to the boards! What a story and hopes.

Hey Sharkee

Well the good news is that the worst is probably over, as is the uncertainty of whats happening to you! However Buckle Up, because there may still be some fun ahead.

As Im sure you will find this expeince life changing, hopefully for the better. New Habits, New Friends, New Out Look on Lifestyle. blash blah blah

I can fully relate to your story, mine has similar themes, however it was dragged out over the last 10-15 years, and not really knowig what was wrong.

Id like to offer the following as food for thought and further investigation.

Your Candida did not necessarily start from Antibiotics , the latter was probably the trigger. As Ive come to learn, candida can not exist in the body in abundance without the presnce of heavy metal (my case mercury from 15 amulgum fillings) Killig the candida is not enought, it will merely return, unless the mercury/HM is out.

Candida if left long enough will permeate the gut, and move to other organs. Called Leaky gut syndrom. As if Candida and HM is not enough. Nice!

You need to clean up your diet big time. Lots on this forum on that subject. Great diet recomendations at

See if you can get to make use of a Infrared sauna (FIR Sauna). Its the best device out there for pulling heavy metal out of the skin and detoxig the skin. I continue to get amazing beifts from using one of these. Essential when you start pulling your HM/ mercury out. Excellent book called "Detox or Die" on the subject of FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) sauna and detox.

Ive got ENORMOUS value from using a product called Paramune+ (from for killing/controlling candida.

The most mind blowing and cheap discovery for me has been Kefir. You get two types, Kefir Milk and Water. Both introduce HUGE amounts of good bacteria that swamp out and devour the Candida. Good news is that once you have a starter culter going at home, it will grow as long as its feed good quality milk (goat/cow/sheep/camle/soy/ you name it any milk), the producing a daily batch of fresh Kefir (you will be forgiven to think that the kefir looks like yogurt, but tastes better). Water Kefir on the other hand will thrive on a number of diffrernt things such as Coconut juice/water/milk. Its equally good for you, giving huge amounts of good bacteria back into the tummy. In my opiion taking capsules loaded with Priobotic just wont give you the amount you need to repopulate the gut and drive out the candida.Be sure to buy the REAL/Genuine Kefir and not granules. There is a difference which Doms web site will explain.

The other thing you can do is investigate raw cultered vegies. The link here is a great start. You can make it your self or order it. I have just made a batch which will be ready for eaing in 2 weeks time.
For ease of reading Ive snipped the following from the above link and pasted it below for you.

Thats enough to chew on for a while. Good luck!

In closing Id like to say that I think your doctor along with most others should be Bullwhipped naked through the streets for such gross incompetence. The current paradigm of medical Science is based on a scientific model that is over three hundred years old and has been outgrown in physics, the same discipline in which it orginated. Yet they cling to it as if it where the holy grail, and with Authroity "practise" their medicine on you and I. As you can tell I am not impressed with MD's. However I digress.

Alog the same lines is an improvement to the raw cultered vegi cocept, and that is of Kefir-Kraut. Ie using Kefir to assist the making of the Cultered Vegi/Kraut. Do a search for Dom KefirKraut. Doms web site is by far the most awesome resource on teh subject and will tell you all you need to know.

What are Raw Cultured Vegetables? Raw Cultured Vegetables are unheated, cultured (which refers to the fermentation process) vegetables that have been either cut, ground, or shredded and left in a sanitary container for a about a 7 day period at a temperature maintained in the range of 59º to 71º. This process allows for the proliferation of lactobacilli (healthful micro-flora that are naturally present in vegetables and also in our digestive tract), which break down the sugars and starches found in the vegetables, aiding the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion. The difference between Raw Cultured Vegetables and commercially available heated sauerkrauts is that the in a heated sauerkraut the lactobacilli and healthful enzymes have been destroyed.

As long as they are refrigerated and eaten within six months of being created, Raw Cultured Vegetables are a flavorful self-sustaining culture of these essential enzymes and lactobacillus cultures that do not dissipate with shelf life, like some probiotics and acidophilus powders. On March 10, 1989, Dairy & Food Labs, Inc. found 5,500,000 lactobacillus acidophilus per gram in our Vegi-Delite Live Zing Salad, made with organic raw cultured cabbage, beets, carrots, lemon, dill and garlic. This is not an isolated, refined supplement (where lactobacillus count tends to dissipate) but an appetizing live food that is naturally self maintaining its fresh lactobacillus count.

Candida is a commonly used term to describe the overgrowth of and subsequent health problems caused by the naturally present yeast, albicans candida, in the human digestive tract. In healthy humans, the extent to which candida proliferates is usually kept to a minimum by the lactobacilli and other healthful micro-organisms. Sometimes as a result of Antibiotics and certain toxic aspects of our environment, the healthful micro-organisms get diminished. This results in an increase in the candida and leads to health problems such as: dizziness, absent-mindedness, digestive problems, grumpiness and/or irrational behavior. Raw Cultured Vegetables are rich in lactobacilli, including plantarum and acidophilus, which help to create a healthy colonic environment in which yeast populations, and pathogenic bacteria are controlled. Raw Cultured Vegetables are especially good for people taking Antibiotics or birth control bills, pregnant women, and diabetics; all high risk groups for yeast disorders.

Testimonials regarding the treatment of Candida, that substantiate the benefits of Raw Cultured Vegetables, include: Some time ago I was having severe problems with Candida albicans, causing severe heart palpitations - variously diagnosed as tachycardia, premature ventricular contraction, prolapsed mitral valve, etc. I resorted to drastic methods to try to eliminate the candida including nystatin and various natural products, for about 6 -8 months without satisfactory results...One day I read a testimony by a man who overcame candida with Raw Sauerkraut. After I had eaten about 7 jars of the stuff- which by the way I liked - after about two weeks my heart palpitations vanished. I had too much of a hearty growth of the candida albicans yeast in my whole system, which I worked hard for one year to get under control. After using your Raw Sauerkraut for one month, I had the yeast under control and am feeling so much healthier in every way."

End of Snipp

Lastly check out a tea called Kombucha which has awesome anti candida properties , and rips HM from the body.



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