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[gallstones] 4th Flush, SUCCESS!!!!!

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Barry Views: 1,256
Published: 19 years ago

[gallstones] 4th Flush, SUCCESS!!!!!

Message from Barry, from

From: "barry91162"
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 02:14:46 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] 4th Flush, SUCCESS!!!!!

Hi Stonies,

I've just completed my 4th flush and WOW what a great success. I've
passed somewhere near 1000 stones!!! This was a POWER flush for me so let me explain how it went to encourage some of you who may be
looking for a good cleanse story. :-)

I used Dr. Clarks method again. Ate dry cereal and fruit for
breakfast. A potato and fruit for lunch at 1pm. No food or drinks
until Epsom time (6pm).

I mixed 5 tblspns of Epsom (instead of 4) because I wanted to really
open the ducts and eliminate anything before the oil drink.
After the 8pm Epsom drink (around 9pm) started having watery diariha.
Went about 10 times to the bathroom. Some chaff, and a lot of water
came out. No pain, only discomfort.

At 10pm I took the oil potion and then laid down on my right side for 30 minutes. Got up and drank another equal oil potion (1/2 oil-1/2 GF). I must say by doubling the oil to 1 cup was really hard for me.

I almost didn't get the second drink down.
(One thing that helped was after I got it down and before lying down, I washed my mouth with mint mouthwash to clear the oil taste out. It helps a lot).

By 11pm I could feel the stones moving gently through the ducts and
down into the intestine area. No pain, just a soothing smooth feeling as the stones pass like marbles through a hose.

At 3am the elimination started (besides the salts,water). I passed a
lot of chaff and around 300 stones ranging from 1mm to 5mm. Also
another 100 stones ranging 1/2 to 1 inch in size. Green and tan

After the 6am Epson drink had 3 more eliminations. Mostly small
stones (2mm) but about 1/4 of the over 1cm.
8am more salts.

From 8 to 12pm eliminated over 10 times. A lot of
water, some sludge, and mostly 2mm stones. Some over 1/2 inch.

Over all, I'd say around 800-1,000 or more counting the little ones
too. At least 200 were between 1/2 to 1 inch in size.

This is my 4th flush and I feel very happy with the results. Overall
with the 4 flushes total I have passed well over 1,500 stones.

Note: Take the Epsom Salts . More if you can. The time I lightened the formula I had very little success. I feel slightly dehydrated but the stones came easy and fast. Also, I believe it helps to get more.

I like to get the diariha because I know that the flush is going good (if that makes sense). That is only my body and may not be for

Sorry Agnes, no pics, but I did break a few open. They were all soft
and totally green inside. I didn't see any calcified centers or
anything. Both the green and tan colored stones were soft to cut
open. No crusty ones that I tested. I think that may be a 'problem
stone' if it comes out hard and crusty.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and...
Happy Flushing!!!


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