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Re: Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life's Toughest Questions
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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life's Toughest Questions

"1" key education in that entire video----HONEY, one of the greatest secrets of longevity--is the understanding of Ms Queen Bee.

This tribe was very MODERN and very soon, they will no longer exist---that part of the world today is under heavy attack and the natives being exterminated for the past 80+ years and now at the highest rate in history are being starved off their own lands. The 1 race, 1 language world conquerors are on full assault of that exact same area today.... bringing in Brazilian slaves to grow soybeans on all the lands...

17+ dogs would take a tremendous amount of meat to keep---first video I have noticed using dogs and dogs make life so much easier and natives world wide that hunted with dogs, often ate their dogs when times were slim.

The truly "WILD" Tribes with no outside contact---their videos show "MEAT" such as monkey/fish, roots and yes----always HONEY.

Such tribes have no DAD'S.........the entire tribe has sex with each other---no child could ever know who their dad was.....grandma and grandpa sleeps with kids---1 large family all related----even those people with little contact---are not true wild people. The TRUE WILD PEOPLE still eat their neighbors and in slim times, they eat their relatives in the world famous game known as RED ROVER RED ROVER, "WE" DARE YOU TO COME OVER....the victim often male, picks the short straw and then inside the circle of his friends and kids------when he charges the line---they jump on him, smash his head and rip him up and eat him----often the wife and kids get first pickings.....

Such videos always avoid FRUIT EATING and many of the jungles on earth are loaded with sweet fruits, always in season---THAILAND and many eras in South America/PERU are true paradises.

Natives dam up small jungle creeks and eat lots of small fish....

HONEY always on the menu

ALIENS are not famous as FRUIT EATERS-----videos of them---they are MEAT EATERS---consuming deer and elk and surely everything and humans more than likely have always been their livestock until they blended with them....


The store goes that the people, watched the aliens for a FULL HOUR prior to the cops showing up----the COPS SEEN and HEARD THINGS and their own video captured a powerful high speed blue object that either:

Broke the sound barrier



The people said SEVERAL 8-10 feet tall ALIENS were close to them for a period of time and so scare they were paralyzes in fear. WHEN they called 9/11, they were saying the ALIENS were right in front of the yard..

VEGAS and the NEWS has never ever been much of an honest town-----the last mass murder was just an example of the __________. The COPS heard the explosion------door cams were activated when a SONIC BOOM or CRASH occurred that shook the houses. The witnesses were of the belief the aliens wrecked.....and their buds came and picked them up....

10-12 foot aliens have been videoed eating full grown elk and can catch such wild elk---easily, as if they use weapons.

THE WILD VIDEOS would be the HUMAN ZOOS, there are at least 3 human zoos, maybe dozens or entire forbidden countries on earth where wild humans live....You can bet the colleges have secret video cameras all over those islands watching the people having sex with the children.......that would be their only purpose for owning wild slaves. The only video to escape are those where a plane wrecks etc. and the person never found on forbidden ground.

Any man that can take on full-grown BABOONS is a REAL MALE and am surprised any tribe can---because BABOONS also have large tribes and extremely large teeth.....

They can kill a sick elephant but I have never ever seen a tribe go after full grown gorillas with out a gun.....

GIVE that tribe a 12 gauge double barrel with 00 Buck and they would eat well, until they killed everything---that is what happened in MEXICO long ago---they gave 1 chief his first gun in south america and he was going to kill all his neighbors and eat them all..


Human's original meat was their neighbors and many are eaten's turned into a world commodity--ship loads going somewhere on earth??? Forbidden countries/islands? UNDER the oceans?

HONEY---if people only knew.....


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