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All "humans"

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Published: 71 days ago

All "humans"

All humans at least by age 40 according to the late Dr. John R Christopher should be taking hormone herbs---herbs that help the liver. Excessive estrogen by age 40 starts aging many people----if their livers were healthy, they would age much slower-----HORMONE HERBS have NO hormones. NEVER consume animal hormones or animal glands of any type for any reason.

ALL humans do well on Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula---it was/is the world's greatest herbal combination when made correctly---he used it for new born babies that their nerves had not fully developed so they could have bowel movements---it works for all ages when used "correctly".........

ALL humans by age 50 should be taking 4 LBB capsules daily as PREVENTION of ROTTING GUT-----use to be called crohns disease, then called leaky gut and now called Diverticulitis

MANY PEOPLE today are diagnosed with diverticulitis (worms) and 4 LBB daily by age 50 is a must do for prevention of rotting guts.........herbal de-wormers or herbal dewormer blended into your own LBB formula---is better yet.

TODAY people of all ages are sporting those BAGS on their belly where they POOP into a bag and some of these people will use those bags the rest of their lives-----BAG POOPING is the CASH COW for medical surgeons today.

When doing "fasting", taking 9 correctly made LBB capsules EVERY DAY is a must, an insurance that the fasting will go correctly.

PEOPLE that learn Orange Juice Fasting correctly will discover it frees them of disease (demons) and that statement makes the demon possessed 2 legged people---GO CRAZY-----drives them nuts that anyone should ever read anything that helps drive their demons from people's bodies......IN OLD TIMES people used garlic to chase off these demon possessed people......WILD OREGANO OIL does a great job, as does BAY OIL and when anyone suggest this---the demons go berserk-----their idea of life is to see how many babies you can kill and hate the living----the dead, they literally hate all people that have a LIFE ---jealous I assume--can't blame the poor creatures.....having several thousand demons inside a person would be annoying......a good way to drive those invisible creatures far away is to use wild oregano oil in your home purification device---essential oil of garlic works extremely well, but most people are scared of the smell....BECAUSE their friends might stop by and then go crazy ----

Great herbal drs suggested you should be able to smell garlic on a person from 30 feet away------------LITERALLY in their fabricated wars, they trained their military dogs to smell for garlic---knowing the natives ate garlic and then their dogs could find that case, garlic did not keep the demons from killing the victims.

REAL Woman and their Men, love life, love children, love FAMILY---- MAN and WIFE and Lots of CHILDREN drives the demon possessed literally bonkers...


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