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Re: Parasites
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Published: 4 months ago
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Re: Parasites

Breediot-NPCs creating more death, exploitation, misery, suffering and ’needs’ via breeding like unconscious animals just makes ALL activism pointless. It’s like they’re putting out a fire using gasoline thinking they’re using water. Breediot-NPCs think they’re making an impact, whole time they’re making the problem bigger by feeding it with more victims & perpetrators. What a joke. Breediot-NPCs will never learn. The hubris is too strong in them. Breediot-NPCs delude/BS themselves there is some grand reward to this life and the only rewards they are receiving is heart attack, cancer, stroke, grief, depression, misery, pain, suffering & death!!!! Both the slave and the slave master were born. Eliminate the birth, eliminate the problem. Most parents are honestly just terrible people that shouldn’t have had kids. The ownership they feel over the child it disgusting , it’s like they view the child as a slave. They think the child should do everything for them and devote their life to their parents when it should be the other way around. A lot of parents these days are just kids raising kids. Breediots are just pumping out more meat for the meat grinder.

All parents are terrible, reckless, horrible, disgusting, exploiters/monsters, its just that some are much much worse. They compound the original crime. Original crime is bringing someone into a world like this and life is a fools errand you are sending them on since everyone dies. You compound the crime when u have no money for it knowing it needs money to have a ‘good life’. You compound the crime when u abuse the kid and take your frustration for your bad life decisions on them. They are dealing with life so they are already sentenced to suffering enough from your stupidity. They compound the original crime with all the other crap but ultimately all parents did a bad thing. Sex is one thing and having kids is another. Even if birth control fails, abortions have always been available. Now u might have to hop a plane or drive to another state but its still accessible. So having babies is a choice.

we are paying the real owners, creating for the real owners, we are making children for the real owners to use as slaves, military shields & get no freedom or real title to life, just bust, work & die. there's has been more suffering than there has been peace & in the modern age they've just structured the suffering much more efficiently, making it long drawn & make you walk on egg shells law wise, till it all eventually catches up. (this literally is how monarchies & kingdoms run)..anything & everything will & can be taken for the real owners & a tax will be put on you just like a king does when he wants to raise military funds.

Breediots know that life is a long struggle & it comes with a lot of hardship, failure, stress, disease, and evil and finally DEATH but they still wanna bring someone here for their own selfish desires? Absolutely despicable. The sheep will never wake up to reality. Never.

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