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Re: Wild Oregano
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Published: 4 months ago
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Re: Wild Oregano

"your clean freely-flowing blood is unbeatable"

That statement you made is 100% correct-----everything that impedes your blood--leads to your premature death.

Human flesh, organs and skin are yummy to the parasites---call them worms, bacteria, viruses--what ever you like---they HAVE MOUTHS and they PEE and POOP

Dr. Hulda Clark was the first general author to expose the dangers of PARASITES

Any child with a $60 kids toy microscope that hooks to a computer can look at the PARASITES in 1 drop of water and while doing LIVER FLUSHES, if you look at 1 drop of water that came out of your BUTT----you will see an ENDLESS OCEAN of worms and EGGS

NOW if you have a drs scope that cost $60,000+, you can see THE GERMS--THE VIRUSES and they number into the MILLIONS in 1 drop of water....

I watched a surgeon RIP his nurse for removing the packaging from his instruments 3 minutes prior to surgery----HE picked up all the instruments and threw them in the waste basket and had her get all knew clean instruments out of the packages--- he told me he seen and knows----that in just a few minutes, sterile instruments can become covered in HIV/AIDS VIRUSES----he said the machines could count 10,000 viruses on the tip of a needle after being exposed to common medical office air.

WHY HIV ? According to the 1992 Chem Trail Whistle blower----all humans on earth have HIV / AIDS viruses in them...thanks to breathing ALUMINUM their entire lifetime after 1949. They must base everything on how much HIV / AIDS a person has inside them......aka IMMUNITY to survive.

We live at the bottom of an ocean of air---that AIR is full of GERMS/PARASITES that all eat the crap living on the surface of the earth.

AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN-----The MOLD rises out of the soil to EAT-------- Farmers built their homes on HILLS, not bottom ground---LOW GROUND is DEATH--where the MOLD LIVES

DO NOT live in the SWAMPS, live on the hill tops.

You do not like the words ---GERMS and PARASITES? Go the creatures that eat organic matter what you will-----100% of all on earth must return to the dirt------GERMS/PARASITES/MOLD insures that happens.

The most famous man of them all 80+ years ago was proving to the world that GERMS can never be KILLED---the ore you try to kill them---smaller germs appear and smaller and he stopped PICTURING these germs when he reached:

1/70,000 in size

He literally videoed microscopic germs in COLOR back before most Americans ever had a black and white tv----Dr. Hulda Clark idolized this guy and he lost his mind thanks to the use of FREQUENCIES------Royal Rife destroyed his own brain by experimenting on him self.....exactly as did Dr. Hulda Clark........she used frequencies so much, she followed his same path to death.

YOU NEVER EVER USE drugs / poisons or frequencies to KILL YOUR WORMS / GERMS------as you stated as FACT----you empower your CLEAN BLOOD----

CLEAN BLOOD could lead to a male human living past age 250-------but since 1915 all humans are under attack, born on a battle ground of heavy metal fallout-----today if a human lives past age 40---they have a very strong Immunity and ability to expel waste.

You can choose to ignore worms and bacteria --but that does not mean they exist---YOUR SKIN has billions of parasites eating your skin 24/7 since birth......

Wild Oregano Oil is just 1 of many herbs that is life saving..............and only the essential oils of herbs can KILL MOLD inside a house or barn.........due to the fat they are OILS and can travel and attach to surfaces where mold lives and tiny parasites absorb the oils and they die from the contact---the same happens in water.

A HOT TUB can STINK because of GERMS---wild oregano oil can easily sterilize a 700 gallon hot tub.............

LIKE IT OR NOT----humans and a hot tub have allot in COMMON---both loaded with GERMS that once overwhelmed will STINK

STINK is DEATH for a human

Old people in their last years will BELCH allot---FART A LOT

THEY ARE OVER WHELMED with STINK thanks to their parasites.

Human health is extremely SIMPLE to understand----------------all of medical understood human health pre 1900 according to Dr. Hans Neiper of Germany--the man that found the cure for heart attacks and dissolving hip bones.

Dr. Morton Walker in his last years---went in person with his wife to see and test the people that Dr. Howard Hays, M.D. mentions in his 1935 book that the MALES looked like their 22 year old sons when they were 250 years old.........

Dr. Walker took samples and sent to DATA LABS in Chicago and the test came back NEAR ZERO for LEAD and Dr. Morton Walker said that is why these men NEVER DIE---they are METAL FREE.

MY LEAD TEST from data labs? 30 years ago I tested at 112 times more lead than a normal male my age averaged in 50 countries...............WHY? because worked in a lead / Aluminum factory for 30 years--- Thankfully HONDA came to america and purchased the factory and shut 150+ factories down so they could take over--the same as they did in brazil 50 years ago.

Thankfully Dr. Hans Neiper by 1970 discovered THE did Dr. Hay, Dr. Jackson, Dr. Christopher and many others............

My lead test today? WHO CARES---testing cures nothing---CHANGE CURES, you CHANGE back to NATURE.

NATURE CURES what can be cured---not toxic drugs and vaccines full of alien tech/monsters.

YOU HAVE METALS in your body, then you will have more PARASITES......LESS METAL = Less parasites.

A book written in the 1700's about AIR, the author SLEPT inside a BOX where he controlled the AIR------later on, chicken farmers using that same wisdom discovered how they could raise 1 million chickens in 1 barn---by understanding AIR...

HUMANS have studied about everything by the year 1900

The French M.D. by 1900 was the best----he just injected you with OCEAN WATER---he had 30 years of photographs to prove his cure for all--when he died, kings, queens, presidents came to his funeral and then medical destroyed his work----same as they destroyed the world of Dr. Howard Hays---------out of all the books in the world---I credit Dr. Howard Hay and his one "little" book for saving my life----and Dr. John R. Christopher's books for herbal aids and a creepy Canadian dr that was saved by Wild Oregano---though he was a liar/conman author.....In learned enough from his book to give wild oregano oil a try and for 20+ years I am still learning about that 1 herb......those that make the world's best say there is only 1 herb that is a little better and I purchased a lifetime supply---but I think it will take a lifetime to discover what all oregano oil can do......NO ONE van live long enough to test more than a few herbs well and there are hundreds, even thousands to test over a lifetime.

ALL ONE COULD DO is blend them ALL TOGETHER and trust that the 1957 Co-Q10 scientist were correct and I believe they may just have been... YOU TRUST YOUR LIVER and YOUR CLEAN BLOOD...they will pick and sort and use what you ate---JUST TRUST


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