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Re: Wild Oregano
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Published: 4 months ago
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Re: Wild Oregano

Many herbs are in the same category-----the essential oils are "concentrates"

CHINA before anyone today was born---collected the herbs world wide and transplanted at the correct altitudes and climates so they would have all the MEDICAL the earth can provide.

RAW HERBS eaten or drank as TEA ---is the mildest, something all humans can do world wide.

Powdered herbs for capsules made it easy so people do not taste their plants.

Alcohol extracted herbs was the next step


STEAM DISTILLED ESSENTIAL OILS makes a medical quality herbal concentrate

ALL HUMANS can tolerate the above-------then CHINA takes the medical properties from each plant and CONCENTRATES that part and that then makes a MEDICAL DOCTOR MEDICINE --ONLY, because small amounts can be too cleansing, too fast.

HERBS do 2 things

1. SUPPLY organic MINERALS for bones and flesh

2. or food for the LIVER and BLOOD so the blood can supply all the needs of the human body---much of which is the killing of GERMS / WORMS-PARASITES

THE 1957 CO-Q10 BOOK / THEORY explains is BEST----only the greedy white coats made their supplement from beef liver and charged the wealthy $1,000.00 per gram

THEY gave their masters in JAPAN their Co-Q10 and they make it from TOBACCO---because narcotics have allot to choose from.

CHINA makes Co-Q10 from Tobacco, but took it 1 step further and make Q10, but they told me the world is "CHEAP" and refused to pay the extra for Q10, so they keep it for their elite.

Q10 is still made from Tobacco----they say I was the only one in America to give it a try.....It never impressed me much, but even medical seems to like co-q10 for the heart.......

TRUE REAL CO-Q10 is not from beef or tobacco, it is a little of "ALL", what the monks 2,000+ years ago called----MANNA. REAL / TRUE MANNA comes from our SUN

ALL HERBS have a little MANNA inside them..........

a True co-q10 is any large blend of herbs and our LIVER takes what it needs......pitches the REST.

CIRCULATION explains all

EVERYTHNG that impedes circulation leads to youerdeath

GERMS / PARASITES, heavy metals, eating drinking wrong, etc. etc, etc all lead to premature death.

WILD OREGANO OIL and several other essential oils are more valuable than GOLD when a person is ill ----WHY????

1. CIRCULATION-----all hot spices for your blood to MOVE FASTER to get rid of that spice.

2. A:: hot spices thin the blood.

3. FAST / THIN BLOOD kills more germs/worms.......

ALL herbs are 100% DEAD, all food can do is supply RAW / USABLE MINERALS



Each BLOOD CELL has intelligence....The brain is OK-----BUT the REAL BRAIN is our nerve/blood cells---each blood cell is smart---extremely smart. The solar Plexus has the ability to develop electricity so powerful that you can kill people with out touching them---you can set fire with out touching the paper.....THE ABILITIES ARE within every human-----but thanks to fake education, people are helpless.



Wild Oregano and any spices are the true medicines on earth---not toxic heavy medical drugs.......IN KOREA / JAPAN / CHINA / Asian Countries most hospitals only use herbs...

ESSENTIAL OIL of WILD OREGANO is the most harmless herb on the planet---yet the most powerful in restoring human health VIA KILLING THE PARASITES and with ALL ESSENTIAL OILS, they can actually kill germs on CONTACT-----wild oregano oil can de-mold and entire barn, house, etc. as well as the entire mammal...

MOLD is a world wide problem thanks to chem trail jets----they kill our woods around the world

MOLD IS REAL, it is a PARASITE that eats wood, eats everything----something as simple as wild oregano oil can kill it, same as the germs on a hot tub.

GERMS are living creatures that love to eat humans.

Essential Oil of:

Wild Oregano

are the essentials and they are so potent when put in the air as you sleep---it is unreal.

HERBS IN THE AIR is how you treat every cell in the human body as you sleep........

WE live in an ocean of parasites / germs / bacteria----THEY EAT US BOTTOM FEEDERS


there are at least 30+ great steam distilled essential oils

ONLY PEPPERMINT is easy to make------a good year you might get 1 once per 50# of plants---on a bad you year you may need 500 pounds of plants.

ONLY communist / Marxist / socialist countries can mass produce essential takes enormous labor and lots and lots of $$$$$ to mass produce---this is why the world makes synthetics and call them essential oils.

THE REAL STEAM DISTILLED OILS cost too much labor to make.


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