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Wild Oregano

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Published: 4 months ago

Wild Oregano

Wild Oregano (the burning bush) is in my opinion, the greatest all purpose herbal essential oil ever made. Entire books have been written on just this herb and surely much more can be written.

A teenage girl quit school because she had mono and just too tired to work, etc. Her entire life then turned from 1 disaster to the next due to poor choices......then by age 50 she was plagued with covid, etc. Her aunt gave her some wild oregano that was 20 years old and left over from being used to keep a hot tub sterile....the bottle about 20 years old.

Not being the brightest with memory skills----never follows instructions, never could keep a job past 2 weeks her entire life.....1 day she felt like she was just going to die with the covid stuff....and after having the wild oregano for 2 years and never tasted it, never remembered what she was told-------she just opened the bottle and put a teaspoon in her mouth.

YES, she thought she was going to be dead after she made that mistake---wild oregano is exactly like pure cayenne pepper......essential oil of oregano would not be as hot as essential oil of cayenne ---but both would surely make you panic and no way on planet earth could anyone swallow a teaspoon---you would be spitting it out and wiping your mouth off as you spent an 1/2 hour under cold running water trying to stop the BURN...........yet she survived and for over a year told people she cured her lungs.

20 years ago the amish healer tried 1 drop each hour in the mouth of babies dying with WHOOPING COUGH...he had never heard of or seen wild oregano before----but felt like 1 drop rubbed inside the cheek of little dying babies was worth the try..........and he made the parents take 1 drop first---so they would know how hot the taste is and he said they always went to the hand pump and washed their mouth out with cold his surprise after 1 drop per hour for 7 hours, he claimed the whooping cough was cured....not treated, but cured.

So 20 years ago, I figured those huge 200+ pound adults surely could take 1 drop per day as prevention and 1 drop per hour as treatment and in no time people were saying they cured their incurable lymes, etc., etc.

WILD OREGANO OIL - 1 drop in your bathtub can turn your butt cherry red for an hour.....IF you are a BEGINNER. 1 drop in your mouth will make you think you poured gas in your mouth and no way can swallow it....

1 drop in a glass of water and dip your tooth brush in that water is a great way to start and even that will make your saliva pour out your hot mouth...

WELL DILUTED is always proper with all essential oils

Over 25 years, I can tolerate a full dropper proper diluted over an 8 hour period.

For 10 years I used a hot tub that I often put 5 droppers in and never ever use any chemicals.

Today I put a full dropper in a bathtub several times per week, but use an airiator to keep the water stirred...

The great thing that real wild oregano oil should be good for 3,000+ years when kept sealed in glass......

WITH ALL ESSENTIAL OILS, once they discover people will buy---they only make synthetic to flood the world---not made from the herb at all------many say all wild oregano sold in north america is synthetic.....and that goes for most all rare oils...only peppermint may be real, because peppermint is easiest to make---other essential oils can take 50+ pounds of plant to make 1 ounce and some can take 500+ pounds to make 1 ounce.

The most expensive is real CBC oil, it is over $1,000+ per ounce wholesale and commonly in America companies put 1 drop of real CBC oil in a bottle and sale it as pure.

WILD OREGANO OIL is only made correctly 1 place on earth as far as I know---because they took original wild plants LONG LONG AGO and transplanted on a mountain side at the correct altitude and climate---otherwise the wild plants of biblical times---NO HUMAN is going to climb those mountains and kill 1 of their plants with out the military shooting them.....100% WILD does not exist.

WILD TRANSPLANTED Plants is as real as it gets------but the demand is low for the REAL ESSENTIAL OILS, because all the companies just buy on demand from the chemical is that simple....REAL IS NO LONGER DESIRED by companies.

For years I purchased REAL wild oregano oil and I always found it very strange that when I ordered, they always made fresh just for my order and the lab work would show that they produced about double what I ordered----proving the demand is low for REAL ESSENTIAL OILS. The company is the largest in the world by far...they bent over backwards to supply me. There was only 1 problem------contact was never easy---governments BLOCK their and my e-mails.....but they always figured out a way and when TRUMP made it hard for anyone in the states to import---they figured out ways--it just took more shipping to get everything passed......but e-mails became harder and 1 year ago my last computer e-mail was blocked and I lost contact probably for good---for the simple fact I purchased a lifetime supply for everyone for the next 100+ years....that is what you do, when you find something that works that well...........enough for your life and enough for generations to come...........

KEEP in 5 gallon glass water jugs, bury it in your back yard if you had to or put in your own Pyramid and use 3,000 years later----a true essential oil made correctly, might last hundreds, even thousands of years if a person had to store it for the future.

SADLY those that spent millions of $$$$ long long long ago to create the greatest herbal companies on earth-----today, there is very little demand. The world wants synthetics.


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