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Published: 46 h ago


Live whole garlic has never changed-----cheap, obtainable and super easy to grow---YES, there are endless gmo versions---but garlic is still garlic and the woods and yards are full of the original wild garlic.

ELEPHANT Garlic is a very cool herb, it can live with you your entire lifetime---if you help garlic---you can easily spread it by planting the babies each fall, otherwise it will manage with out your help. Elephant garlic is cool because it is large and hardy----it is always there in the ground winter or summer if you need it......

We are in the time of GARLIC, an universal life saving herb....the anti-plague's plagues are not natural, but as long as "they" are alive, you know there is an antidote for that "they" make.

ESSENTIAL OIL of GARLIC I put in the top 5 essential oils of all time..................sadly, if you have ever purchased essential oil of garlic, it, like most all commercial made essential oils will be made with ACID EXTRACTION, so they can make easier and faster $$$$. This acid essential oils will be DARKER than real essential oil of garlic---but the consumer never knows, because they are never sold real products in the natural health fields via commercial sources.

WHY is essential oil of onion or garlic so expensive? THEY have allot of oil---------but because they are common herbs, people will not pay $$ for them, so what they can not sale, they will not make.

THE BEST essential oil makers on planet earth-----they collect the herbs "after" you pay them and make it for "you"... they have thousands and thousands of acres of herbs in fields and on mountain sides----to them, it is a sin to make a synthetic drug or herbal product.

Acid / Alcohol or Synthetic Lab produced essential oils are NOT HERBAL PRODUCTS such as "steam" distilled is............if you use alcohol or acid, you are getting a different final product and lab created synthetics have no herb in the product---90+ % sold in North America are synthetics made on command.

GARLIC is an herb known world wide, through out history------I put it in the top 5 of all essential oils and 2 years deep into organized world wide chemical/germ/parasite war-------these are the times; for the BEST.........................every human can go to a food store and probably buy a bag of garlic.....peel it, put a clove in your mouth, IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

Locally we had an EYE DOCTOR, famous surgeon and people came far and wide to see him-----he always, every working day, 8 hours a day, had a clove of garlic in his mouth----BECAUSE HE UNDERSTOOD GERMS and every patient he ever had, was a potential carrier of deadly, you can not walk anywhere in public without being contaminated----- the eye doctor was ahead of his time......

Essential Oil of Garlic made correct, is hard to come by, not impossible, but only 1 people on earth make it correct and only they will go to their fields and dig it up after it is ordered......due to rarity of anyone asking for it---they charge more than for other popular essential oils..... Garlic never gets the respect it deserves, because people know it as a vegetable garden "cheap" thing....

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with keeping a clove of garlic in your mouth---better than any dr could possible do for you for treatment of disease. Those with time and $$, the will to work for "special" things---essential oil of garlic is one of those 'special" things you keep in the air in your home when anyone 'today" has the first sign of sickness, because no one knows what type of sickness has entered their body or home--due to world wide war......that and garlic is safe and good for all, all the time......

Those that bad mouth garlic an say I will not buy anything that has garlic in it----ignore them.


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