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Q 10 Theory Really Works

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Published: 59 days ago

Q 10 Theory Really Works

1957 was a GREAT YEAR

1957 Chevy 2 door (tank) was and still is an iconic race car

1957 corvette------classic race car

A great year to be born---if you were born after 1957, you evaded their "draft"---------but all humans born after 1949 have been chem trailed none stop their entire life---we exist in a literal "gas" chamber of slow death..... WE MUST "adapt" to such a toxic man made environment and survive their chemicals. "THEY" desperately and I mean DESPERATELY are spending billions of $$$ in an attempt to stop the earth from FREEZING. THOSE JETS stay between the sun and the earth 24/7 making global warming, because with out it---places like Canada and Russia would be looking to migrate to the equator. 100% of all global warming politicians, are all liars and liars are always thieves. Anyone with eyes can prove to them selves they live in chemical fall-out and under military atmosphere control.

Humans and every living creature, including the trees and plants are adapting or dying from aerial spraying none stop since 49---- When you eat anything, especially animals, you are eating "concentrated" chemical fall out----------unless you eat from the Tree. The root bark of trees and bushes filters out the chemicals / inorganic actually, God our Creator had this all figured out long long ago........only those that "obey" creation laws; survive best.

Well, anyone with any sense will say your first step is to stop breathing in and stop living in a gas chamber. I happen to know a harvard lady that spent her adult life in the chem trail programs--she was the person that daily worked with the city hospitals and the doctors would tell her when X amount of people came in ill and then she called the pentagon and the jets would stop spraying specific cities-------she was not part of weather control or global warming--she (harvard_ specialized in depopulation of the elderly and all humans that can not adapt to the gas chamber affect (city life)..................she and her elderly friends on the east coast this very day, live in college professor style mansions with every machine that sterilizes the air in their homes and they literally are scared to exit their homes--they have everything delivered to their doors---BECAUSE THEY KNOW what is outside..............they are paranoid beyond belief and prisoners of their home.

YES, in theory, there are anti-dotes to aluminum and titanium dioxide gas chamber style living for humans---your pets, farm animals, wild life, fish, etc.---they have no hope, for them it is adapt till you die.

Co-Q10 was a scientist creation / belief in 1957

Their greed made them choose beef liver as their substance to manufacture co-q10 for the first time---they instantly gave that theory to JAPAN (their slave masters) and JAPAN decided to use the tobacco plant and to this very day, the yellow co-q10 supplements are made from Tobacco. WHY? Because that narcotic has ALLOT of chemicals to make use of in a synthetic lab---------slaves are fools and suicidal when they smoke tobacco, pot smokers 10x worse off-----NARCOTICS destroy life in endless ways

TOBACCO was wrong--but to the world, that is all the entire world has ever known------------does it work? Maybe a little and to a synthetic scientist that is good enough---they are paid millions to create LONGEVITY DRUGS for the wealthy people---so YES, let them use the toxic stuff, they deserve it.

The Chinese Elite's took Co-Q10 and developed it further and make Co-Q10 for the world and Q10 for their upper gov leaders.......I know, because they told me. They said USA and world has no interest on Q10, because it cost a little more. Q10, also is made from Tobacco and bright yellow powder. The smallest amount comes in a 4# bag. I personally do not see that it is better than herbs and that herbs is the TRUE Q!0 and Tobacco was the wrong choice in my opinion.

ALL the great herbal doctors of the past 200 years----seemed to always come up with an anti-plague formula that became popular...................those formulas were their most successful herbs put into 1 bottle.

I 100% believe as did Christopher that all good herbs, are always good------because they are the TRUE Q10.

Maximum Restore is the name I gave Christopher's anti-plague formula and I removed the cayenne day 1---------99% of the people do not enjoy drinking cayenne in my country.

Over the past 20+ years, I ad more and more herbs to Max Restore and Max Restore Adult, with the theory, more herbs creates TRUE Q10

In recent history, a super hard working amishman has been drinking Max Restore daily, says it makes him stronger and work harder and longer------That is a sign of TRUE Q!0

For 2 weeks, school boy has drank 6 bottles of Maximum Restore---------he started because he had a cold, but quickly discovered he was MUCH STRONGER wile drinking MAX RESTORE, so he asked his dad to get him MORE and in 2 weeks, he has drank 6 bottles-----------Sunday 10 am, today--------he is in the state final wrestling match.

He wrestles guys that can weigh over 100+ more pounds than he weighs..........he is in the top heavy weight, unlimited class in the state------but he is LIGHT in comparison to those super fat kits.......THOSE HUGE heavy weights tire easily and fast-------he wins by not letting them pin him and he can out last them because he is so much lighter in weight.......I am going to guess and say he is about 250 pounds and he may wrestle some kid that could weight 350 pounds

HE SHOULD have been eating POUNDS of BONE BUILDER and now we know---Max Restore.

MAX RESTORE is currently the largest Q10 close to TOPKNOT and actually, all those HUGE formulas should be blended into 80% Max restore to make Max Restore the monster of monster Q10 formulas.

IF he wins the state championship today, that will be cool for a kid that comes from a town of about 100 people (not really that big).

The 1957 Co-Q10 white coats had a good idea---they just failed to recognize safe plants / herbs.


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