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Re: Grapefruit
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Published: 39 days ago
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Re: Grapefruit

the solar plexus

The greatest video, I believe a pbs documentary of the last voo doo doctor on earth----is the best solar plexus video you will ever find. There is also a common chinese book that explains how to train the solar plexus to achieve the same powers of a voo doo doctor--but warns that the student often accidentally kills them selves as they learn the powers within their solar plexus.

If you ever find that video, please send me a link---it is the same as the documentary of the last head hunters--that shows the village killing and eating their own people 2 extremely educational documentaries-----just 2 of thousands that have been made.

The solar plexus literally has power to create such electric that it will create fire and can kill a human by touch alone---thus the VOO DOO doctor put fear in the neighbors of villages that captured them-----so when you were captured by your neighbors---you were scared to leave, even though you knew they were going to eat you. THE REASON the roman empire entered and killing 70+ million---probably hundreds of millions in South America/Africa was that they wanted to exterminate all humans that eat human flesh-----they videoed the last head hunter, but it failed, they never could stop people from eating each other and africa/south america/china today you can eat humans....

fake college studies tried their best to show that humans ate vegetables and grains------they ignored the few that thrived on fruits and completely ignored all the millions of humans that eat their neighbors.....just like other animals---humans eat the weakest of their own kind... BIG fish eats the small fish / BIG bird eats the smaller birds----humans kill those closest to them------------humans use to sale their babies for their salt can go to many places on earth today and buy kids for $5 and the parents gladly sale them for a few is wicked world that they popes tried to clean up with an iron stake of massive world wide murder, because they seen people eaters as animals and not humans. YET, the roman empire (pbs) loves to document their massive murders--such as all their wars, all their poisons, all their doctors with out borders-----these wealthy elites must set around in board rooms and watch video proof of how many people they kill every day, 365 days a year. People like gates hire groups to study the best methods to exterminate the people they do not want on their farms......gates now is the largest land owner in America, surpassing Ted Turner-----they own it all, countries/people and rule with poisons.. the popes just used swords and then bullets and then bombs---then by world war 1 they seen the value of vaccines and by world war 2 aluminum poisons in the city water and then by 1949 aluminum in the air and then titanium dioxides in the air.foods by 1992---their gov owned video documentarist collect "ALL" for the world gov collection of death---------it has to "feed" their lust for death.

AS A RESULT--------------few health books ever educate anyone about the most important part of the human body----THE SOLAR PLEXUS....WHY? Because the college professors fear that the slave may learn how to create his body into a voo doo killing machine that can kill by just touching your enemy with your finger...


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