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wormwood-based digestif, mulberry gin, jagermeister, carob, huge mix of herbs

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Published: 45 days ago

wormwood-based digestif, mulberry gin, jagermeister, carob, huge mix of herbs

I just saw a bottle of this for sale at a store in my town, and looked up the website at the store and read it when I got home. Maybe worth buying, it was about twenty five dollars. I only included the text that said it was originally made as a bitters drink as a de-wormer.

1920s- Carl Jeppson begins producing his “bäskbrännvin” (a traditional Swedish-style of bitters) and sells it as a “medicinal” product that rid its imbibers of stomach worms and other parasites in the body. Jeppson skirts federal regulation given the recurring conclusion by law enforcement that nobody would drink his concoction recreationally.
1945- George Brode, vice president of Bielzoff, buys out the company shortly before the end of World War II. “Jeppson’s Swedish Brännvin” is now sold in a glass bottle with a stem of wormwood inside.

1987-89- After two years of operating in Kentucky, Malört distillation is moved to Florida. Also, during this time, it becomes too expensive to continue putting a stem of wormwood in every bottle.

2016- In an effort to keep Malört’s full-bodied flavor, Patricia and Sam secure a long-term source for the strongest, most unpalatable wormwood.

It's not a drink for most people, but we're not most people.
Through the decades, Jeppson's Malört - a traditional wormwood-based digestif - has been thought of as a rite of passage or a hangover cure.

I got a bottle of mulberry gin today that should be interesting, as I've never had an alcohol with mulberries in it.

I also started taking carob powder today as well. Originally from Europe and the Mediterranean region although there's some in California now.

Question- I've never heard you talk about carob, do you have any experience with it?

I also have been taking a few drops of jagermeister alcohol with 56 or so herbs, every few days, as well as a similar German alcohol that is called something like hogshead - the label is a wild boar, with about forty different herbs in it.

So when I mix all of these together, along with a the other herbs that I take, with a couple of drops of scorpion pepper hot sauce, regular hot sauce, tart cherries for better sleep with their high melatonin content, sometimes catnip and valerian for sleep aid, apple cider vinegar, local red wine, maple syrup, local honey, Brazil nuts, dark chocolate, avocado, olive, coconut or other plant fat like sunflower seeds for the lecthin, ginseng, etc, with oregano oil of course, it's about 145 herbs. That doesn't include a whole bunch of stuff that I got from you a couple weeks ago, which might put it around 200- 250?

With the 45 plants I know of in my town I could get it up to 300.

The website, foods for a future, has a list of 7000 plants.

But years ago, I remember it saying there's about 20,000 or 30,000 plants that can be used for food, but the majority of people in the world get most of their calories from only 20 plants.

Sorry, lots of information for one post.

Keep up the awesome work, and inspiring people. Your knowledge has helped a friend of mine really respect nature as I teach him your messages. We have taken barefoot walks for hours at a time speaking about things you talk about and I show him every plant I know of for food in the woods. As well as giving him old native stone tool artifacts. He has a kid that is four years old, we hope he will be quite the interesting person.

Thanks, God bless.

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