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Fruit aromas, insects, and honey

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Published: 42 h ago

Fruit aromas, insects, and honey

For almost the last couple of weeks, I've got a couple pineapples, a few grapefruit, apples, oranges, cantelope/ muskmelon, and sprouted garlic, in my apartment. The pineapple scent is overpowering everything else right now for the last few days, it's incredibly sweet along with the grapefruits. For a couple days, the garlic smell was pretty strong as well. It's Heaven on Earth.

I spoke with an university student who studies insects a few days ago about various plants, she keeps bees so we spoke about honey, and I gave her advice on keeping black locust trees and how their incredible smelling flowers are edible by people and how I ate a full meal of those flowers over a year ago with a rare tree with some very low hanging branches. She had no idea that the flowers were edible for people but said the honey was very good from it. I had a bag of the Ricola cough drops which have linden/ basswood flowers as an ingredient, and how you can eat those flowers as well and the leaves of that tree are edible and quite good, it's my most common tree leaf that I eat. They wrote down a book on wild foods for me as well, and I mentioned that I teach people wild foods and after I said the name of it, she said that she had seen my social media club at one point online, so hopefully I can get a few people together and make some new friends and possibly teach when it gets nicer out. I'll see them again in a few days

Question for you, which is better - maple syrup or local honey - so you know it isn't fake. Thanks.

Although, I love getting bricks of beeswax from the farmer's market and smelling them occasionally.

I've got another question, what is your opinion on insects as food sources. Ants, grasshoppers, crickets, pillbugs aka rolly pollys (shrimp/shellfish family), catydids, and cicadas - the loud ones that come out of the ground and climb out of their shell. Thanks.

I saw in a group online that I am in a few days ago, that someone posted an article that people still have an enzyme that can digest their hard exoskeleton/ chitin shell, the same material that mushrooms have, but it's still recommened to cook insects.

I'm assuming it's a bad idea and the best protein is in nuts and seeds, especially wild ones off of local giant trees like acorns, which require lots of water and patience to make them edible, which I've done and they are quite good.

Also, after the snow melted on my balcony yesterday, there were seven dead wasps in a small group together this morning. I'm not sure if wasps hibernate or die off in the winter or if they have to start over from eggs.

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