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The Human "Filter"
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Published: 79 days ago

The Human "Filter"

The Human "Filter"

It is amazing how much dirt the human body can tolerate before it succumbs.

Dark / Black lungs are the result of breathing in years of dirt----not natural dirt, but manufactured chemicals.......oil/coal related. Working in dirty factories, living near dirty factories...when they x=ray your lungs and see BLACK---they ask, so you SMOKE? You say never, then explain where you live or work and the doctor says, that explains it.

Then consider the smoker------anyone that does not smoke, you would want to think you should live 10x longer than a smoker----because those that smoke, have black lungs.

As filters clog--------the engines suffer and suffocate as the fire can not burn properly with out enough oxygen.....humans are classic examples: low oxygen = premature aging, pains and death. YET, some old men not long ago could smoke tobacco for 100 years ---proof you should be able to live 1,000 years.

"ORGANIC" dirt, the lungs should be able to deal with that and self-cleanse over time---but man made contaminants that wil not "dissolve", things like fiberglass, plastics, metals, etc. once they get into the lungs----they can do lifelong damage.

The same applies with all the bones, flesh and tissues----non natural = premature death.

The human body that needs no food----is an air burning, cleansing MACHINE..........the human body that eats 5x daily is a sluggish suffocating worm factory.

The best book I ever read was also the most simple book ever written. The 110 year old author explained how back when the english occupied India and medical/air force chemicals was taking over the planet with the goal of killing all the elderly people, so medical could be taught as the only way to longevity...their first goal was to kill all humans past age 150. In doing so, not only poisoning the air/water/food---they literally paid thugs to go out and murder anyone past age 150 and was paid a bounty for each death.

This english soldier witnessed the elderly being beaten to death and he chose to step in and chase off the murders....the elderly man said for saving his life--he would give him the secret of life--------BREATHING. The young solider ignored the gift, but never forgot it...when he was in his 70's on his death bed, unable to get out of bed---he decided to apply what the elderly man told him. At the time he was bald, lost his teeth and expected to die soon. After applying the life supplying gift, at age 110 with all new teeth, head of hair---he noticed his eye sight was not "perfect" and that made him think that he should write down what he had been given --that saved his life.

The reason the book was so small, because all he did to save his life, was to BREATHE AIR..........because we mammals are AIR BREATHING MACHINES.

He had zero diet info, no herbs, nothing, just breathing air and did it on his death bed----unable to stand up.......BECAUSE he was starving to death via lack of OXYGEN / AIR.

India / YOGA history is LOADED with proper breathing methods-----so no secrets at all, no gimmicks, just BREATHING and FEEDING the human fire within.

Since 1949 the air world wide has been under attack and actually the air has not been pure since the first factory was created.......EVERYTHING not NATURAL, becomes a problem that leads to premature death.

The dirtiest and most dangerous place in your life? The place that insures you die prematurely? Medical Science believed it is YOUR BEDROOM / your house.

When you are sleeping------you go into "cleanse" mode and all the dirt and chemicals in the bedroom, then becomes the most toxic place in your life.

Just living in a home with city water---makes the toilet a toxic device......the shower a shower of doom. Carpets, dust collecting, chemical supplies...

JUST another human in your house--can be toxic.........we are NEVER designed to breath our old air twice......and those that have a mercury filling in their teeth? EACH BREATH poisons the entire home / building.

1 person in a home has worms? they all have worms.......same goes for the pets.

Very wealthy homes circulate all the air 24/7---=bringing in fresh air non stop---not matter how much $$ it cost. Devices that capture the finest dust particles ....

city / factory air is bad enough--what a price to pay---but when you consider chem trail aluminum/titanium metals sprayed in your air since 1949 and complete weather control-----your air is or can be described as a Gas Chamber. IT IS AMAZING how much poison the human body can adapt to.........but their children become deformed and confused / sterile in just a couple generations of all the various endless poisoned injected into the body, breathed into the body and enter by touch.

The ORGANIC poisons the body can deal with-------the metals and non organic endless chemicals all accumulate....making for black lungs---YET, if a smoker can live to age 100, you should live to sage 1,000

CLEAN air is living near the oceans with large mountains in your background---in a jungle climate------a place where NATURE wants to eat you------because even NATURE requires all to die.

I had black lungs by age 25 and never smoked--------thanks to where I worked. Thanks to the schools that deliberately BY DESIGN dumb down kids to serve in the local factories...ONLY the smarter kids "left" and never worked in factories......but few ever lived long enough to understand they were "brainwashed" as little children in elementary school by those that send their kids to schools that cost $50,000+ every year.............if you did not pay $50,000 every year since you were 5 years old to be trained by a "school", then you can rest assured you are a "slave" class human that teachers by design--dumb down and doctors inject poisons into so you NEVER WAKE UP out of your STUPOR.........the smartest man I knew---was trained in such expensive schools, he sent his kids and he explained how the entire evil school system operates and now many many years later---the world is learning how evil public schools haver always been....

The question is--when will humans understand they are being sprayed daily and fed daily poisons---by those they were trained in schools to trust.

The 2020/21 vaccine was a creation dating back to 1997--------------it takes YEARS to create billions of vaccine doses...

B Gates openly telling the entire world he seeks to remove a large portion of humans by way of killing them---medical has been sterilizing humans for 200 years and by world war 1---the vaccines started and hundreds of millions have been killed.........death by germ and metal replaced the messy bullets and bombs.


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