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Re: ships
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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: ships

We have all been watching the same horse and pony show, and we all know where this virus came from, at least if you have any intelligence at all. Yes I believe there are a lot of people that are still alive because they could not get to the hospital so they could kill them, and I'm one of them. Not because I'm sickly at all because I'm probably one of the most healthy 55 year old man you'll see anywhere, I'm one of the few 55 year old man that has raised his own help from the dead and I contribute a lot of that to the education that I have received over the 20 years of being on this format for education. Here's the funny thing about it, it took a con man named Kevin Trudeau with the book natural cures they don't want you to know about, to spark my interest and believing that I could heal my body. I suffered from obesity for most of my life, overweight as a child, then had a few teenage years we're all the partying got me skinny, then when I turned 24 I started a commercial construction company, and the stress of the company and the pressures of Life push me right up to 300 lb, I was a train wreck, and the last three years of my construction I could barely walk, I thought my back was totally blowed out, the sciatic but I was suffering was unbearable. I was totally illiterate when it came to computers but somehow I found myself here, and I have always been a deep thinker, to make a long story short by the end of 2005 I went from 300 lb and a total train wreck, down to 200 lb and I have been maintaining that weight every sense. Because of this form I have helped change many people's lives since I've been on this journey. Just like when I was in the ministry I've never made a dime off anybody, I've never sold a product, but I have gave a lot of product away, with my new revelation I wanted to save the world if I could change then they could change, and the truth is not many people are willing to change, but every now and then, every so often, a person shows back up into my life a changed person, with a great story and a big smile. That's been my reward. But now the fear that people have, they are turning on each other like Savage dogs, from the top of our government all the way down. I'm watching children try to push their parents in the grave so they can move up from out of their parents basements. One thing I agree with MH about his stay away from people, and in many cases it can be your own family. For the most part I have basically been in solitude for the last three years by my own choosing, only got tiny handful of people have access to me, but the point here is that I have plenty of time to process and think, that only a man in solitary confinement would ever have. I'm definitely the black cow that standing in the field alone watching The Herd. And hey don't feel sorry for me, because I'm totally happy where I am in this place in life. I have been dating since my divorce in 2011, but not too many of the cattle want to hang out with the Bulls standing all alone. And the bull cannot tolerate the couch trying to drag it back into the herd. The sad thing is with this Global reset, the women have used painted faces and tight jeans to control the simple minds of the men that are with them. The women in this country have been trained to destroy their men and move around along to the next, when I hear people pickling sorry for the women, but the women have totally caused this, but now they don't want to take no responsibility. It's becoming common for every household to have gay or bisexual children, even one of my children, my middle girl with five grandbabies. But I will say this, there are no little Gods on this curezone site. There's never a reason to be haughty, everybody's got their own opinion about their abilities, and yes everybody has their own narrative, but all's I can tell you is this, if I was to get sick and I went down, I would want Steve West as close as possible to me, because I know how much thought Steve West puts into everything and how much he has experiment and Concord over the years. You won't find a better natural healer down in South Florida than me, I have always showed respect a lot of my education has come right here from MH. I tell everybody, and give credit where credit is due. And in my opinion if I had to pick one teacher from this form it would be ask barefoot hands down.

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