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Published: 6 months ago


Since the election scam----the jets have been none stop, no clear skies
Their goal is a hot winter, so they can go with their green way way scam----

2020 /21 winter weather is surely the most toxic in chem trail history started in 1949 to depopulate humans and posion all life on earth with aluminum and titanium dioxides added in 1992 to insure children will grow up ill and dead by age 40.

since the election, "they" intend on robbing the country, destroying the world, "they" can't help them selves---"they" are not humans, they are mass murders that use chemical warfare to conquer countries, destroy the human race and create sterile children that have no clue if they are males or females---they are the american teachers/colleges/gov/military---what real humans will come to know as the mind-less zombies with licenses.

The aluminum destroys your brain, your lungs, your longevity--eventually you loose your mind and can not remember your name or recognize anyone you once knew, including your children. Their titanium destroys your thyroid health---they spray the entire planet...doctors proved the success back in 1992 by testing humans world wide and watching their thyroid health fail........

Once they destroyed the american way in Nov. they set out to destroy the world---just as their senate leader told the world on national news at Georgia where they controlled - perfected their theft and deceit.....they intend on killing hundreds of millions of people, if not a couple of billion people world wide and once conquered, the chinese will slaughter every none communist chinese human on the planet; they have no room for another race and kill 5% of their population regularly to insure their communist control. The roman empire lost their grip on the world because they could not control their sex problems---they failed their own 2,000+ year old military advice --and mixed them selves with every race on earth and thus lost their power and the past 100 years----JAPAN / CHINA controlled the wars...exterminated competition and have ruled with the iron fist europe use to have over the world. FOLLOW the death, power and gold from 1900 to date and it is JAPAN that has all the gold bars---the Japanese Emperor fire bombed his own country, dropped the bombs on his own country to kill all his competition---the same as in europe the vatican was immune as was VOLKSWAGON-------

Volkswagon's own documentary exposes to the wold how evil GERMANY / Vatican and the Queen have always been/are------the VOLKSWAGON model was like JAPAN's, murder all your COMPETITION-------------who was the demons of world war 1 and 2? THE AIR-FORCE----once demons had planes----they slaughtered their enemies below---their own people. Those that controlled the pilots controlled the death and those pilots NEVER destroyed their masters property. THOSE PILOTS murdered their own families, their own people and do so world wide to this very day-------AIR FORCE documentaries YEARS AGO showed how they install computers in the brains that connect to computers in the helmits so the fighter jets and bombers not only functioned, but the pilots were "controlled" and would murder anyone, anywhere as ordered-------and these zombified pilots would be murdered as they rejected the mass slaughter and complained of the horrors in their minds---knowing they blow up pregnant women, babies, children and people below them-----for no good reason what so ever....the people were never an enemy; the pilots them selves were the only enemy.

ONCE the demons created drones-----today, odds are the fleets of chem trail jets are operated by computers and they spray each city based on the age of the people below them---------their goal in 1965 was to murder all humans by age 65, then in 1992 to make sure all children grow up sickly, messed up and dead by age 40.....they spray entire countries based on age and how much they desire specific races dead.....their master has always been the same vatican / volkswagon / queen---aka the roman empire that has slaughtered billions over a 2,000 year history----but as perverts, their mental illnesses lost them the control of the planet over to the asians of China / Japan / Korea---the japanese and chinese emperors have been gloating over their world powers for the past 25 years and with the chinese lifetime emperor's purchasing of american colleges/schools and owning the west coast and east coast cities and control of the politicians---europe lost control of their military power and are conquered----they proved to the world that they could take a man from the old folks home that can barely function and make him president of the United States and since that day---their chem trail jets have not stopped spraying "YOU".......

AS A RESULT this is the warmest winter on record-----BECAUSE the non stopping spraying of YOU, keeps the skies filled with aluminum and creates world wide GREEN HOUSE HEAT.

The air force has been the demons since their creation-------they started spraying YOU in 1949 because humans live to long----THEY SPRAYED INDIA form 1960-63 with death chemicals because they had way too many people living past age 150----all of medical needed/wanted old people DEAD, because that was their educational plan---every school teacher brain wash the children that the only way they can live, is to trust the white coats and their drugs/vaccines. these white coats have murdered more humans since 1917 than you could ever count-----surely over a BILLION people world wide---today you call these demons --doctors with out borders. Their choice of death--vaccines. The vaccines allows them to murder by choice and immunity.

As long as the murderer wears a white coat---he is immune; all the slaves are clueless what killed them.

DRONES are the air force now----computers mass killing the humans below...basically like sci fy movies have been predicting for a long time----

With TRUMP leaving the white house----the gov is DUMPING massive amounts of their files.........of which is some of their past history of UFO research..... There is only 1 woman left alive from the original blue book organization and she today has opened her files along with the pentagon and letting people see some of the past-----SHE says the Aliens have been on earth for a very long time------basically always.

By 1973 allot was seen in the skies above America and their 1 man in charge back then did a set down interview and exposed to the world the truth--basically every word of his interview is true, he did not exaggerate in his explanations of what he investigated and knew as truth. IT is amazing how the fake news ignores the truth....

The gov, no matter how evil they are, they are powerless in comparison to the aliens that control the skies and space-----the gov admits that just 1 of the common UFO can take out the entire navy/airforce with fact, humans are POWERLESS in comparison............back 50 years ago, many HUGE SPACE SHIPS VISITED EARTH---as they still do today world wide, but 50 years ago, they were everywhere to be seen in large varieties...many say there are 3 different main groups that regularly are on earth..

TODAY the navy/military concentrates on exposing what they call the tic tac designed space ships that are the smallest, but have been seen in fleets of 100+ ships.....

NONE of these ships are controlled by earth humans----these ships were hear LONG before most humans had a telephone in their house and pre electronics.....humans did not build the common UFO ships.......

THERE ARE 2 thoughts about aliens.......

1. that aliens have prevented humans from destroying the world,

2. that it is the aliens giving the military the power to poison us all-----to get rid of us vermin from such a beautiful planet in the universe.

THE MILITARY KNOWS which is the case..................many want to believe with the mass dump of UFO history in the past few days, that soon the military may expose what aliens want with earth.....people have feared that for many years.......and that exposing in the past few years is their build up to telling humans the good or bad news soon.

THE MILITARY WORLD WIDE has been building thousands of cities below the surface---every country has. In some countries they do not hide it and you can see their cities on the internet---the USA still chooses to control the fake news media and underground cities still a taboo subject---even though hundreds of thousands of people today work under ground.

They say the TIC TAC UFO have been here in fleets for a few years, maybe 18 years........and have mostly been seen flying off the coast and have a great interest in the southern California coast where they are seen flying under water as fast as they fly through the air....

THEY NOW HAVE ADMITTED these UFO can fly so fast in every direction by way of USING MAGNETISM-------exactly how the 1950 red clearance army soldier told me shortly before he died a few years back----that humans use to fly to hundreds of different planets by way of MAGNETISM and you could have flown to hundreds of planets that are all named and charted and the military were operating these earth space ports back in 1950 and sending objects between space ports on earth back then.........this man that was 1 of many chosen to see how they functioned---said the #### in space is as crazy as what they exposed in the star wars movies and if people ever knew---they would FREAK OUT badly...

today, gov is exposing that they know these space ships can fly so fast, because using magnetism forces, they defy gravity and can go from zero to 50,000 MPH in all directions and stop on a dime....

I seen one of the tic tac ships take off locally almost 20 years ago and caught it on video while filming the MY SKIES video documentary... it took off at incredible speed, but a chem trail jet was in its path---the tic tac stopped, backed up, waited a second, let the jet pass, then took off and was invisible in 2 seconds------why invisible? Not because the space ships turn invisible, but because they take of so fast, they appear invisible, because at 35,000+ miles per hour, in less than a second, your gone---aka invisible.

TODAY the navy is saying the common tic tac flies so fast, just 1 tic tac ship could conquer this planet..............and they know large mother ships come to earth and hundreds of these tic tac space craft exit.......

ODDS are these small space craft that they say are about 40 feet long---are nothing but PERSONALLY VEHICLES----just like your car is for you. ODDS are, there are many of these tic tac space ships all over earth, maybe in every community already............when the person leaves, they take off so fast, they are gone in a blink of your eye....JUST LIKE BACK IN 1950 the red clearance soldier said when they showed him an object floating in the air at a space port in FRANCE, it lifted off so fast it disappeared and then they took the soldiers to a space port in AUSTRALIA and the same object was floating in the air and they explained it traveled instantly via magnetism.

VIA HOLLYWOOD, they have for 50 years, attempted to "expose" little by little to the people of earth......and star trek / star wars just 2 examples that have mentioned space travel via magnetism.

30 years ago a man wrote a book about healing with magnets and I talked with him and he spent his whole life in space research and the use of magnets......he said he had all the wealth he could dream of and he built himself a magnetic thrown (chair) that he set in and believed he could invent anything he wanted to, by using his magnetic thrown to open his mind to know anything he desired...WHO KNOWS what kinds of aliens have been living on earth through out history and what kinds of wars they fight in space for power.......

Who knows who / what plants each race of humans and life on different countries each time earth starts a new earth cycle...... the one thing humans do know, is that they are not alone and now that 220 countries are controlled by evil people and they want to vaccinate the entire planet------the poorest slave's only hope is that aliens will enter and stop the evil humans........and hope that the evil humans are not being controlled by the aliens already.....that would be bad news for all people.

PEOPLE today know that the zombies like biden and obama ----only want everyone vaccinated---not because of some bug---they just want every human vaccinated via the DOCTORS with out BORDERS systems that for 80 years have murdered hundreds of millions of africans so china can take over africa.....CHINA has built more new cities in africa in the past 40 years and the fake controlled news ignores it all...china has invaded North America and the world and china has no use for any race but their own.....

For that reason, many today do not fear aliens, they dream aliens will come save them from the evil humans.


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