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Re: Are you sure?????Re: I Think its gone!!!
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Published: 7 months ago
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Re: Are you sure?????Re: I Think its gone!!!

for anyone in 2020 or later who is still looking for an answer: fbo is most likely due to slow digestion or chronic constipation & a low count of good gut bacteria in you. I must have read hundreds of accounts of fbo sufferers when I was going through the same thing (for over 3 years!!) - and nearly all of us shared common symptoms: when we go, most of us note that it never feels complete like not everything came out. And others said they feel immediate gas and bloating after a meal. Also another strange symptom worth mentioning: a moist feeling near the rear. These all suggest being backed up / chronic constipation.

Many of us choose to starve ourselves of food out of fear that eating will make the odor worse. But this makes things worse as there won't be enough food/fiber to eliminate properly and fast enough.

* We all need about 20-30 grams of fiber DAILY to eliminate properly. Go on a high fiber diet (aim for fiber cereals vs. only taking in brown rice; rice in general can be constipating). Pineapples and apples are good sources of fiber too, but cereal has the most. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water too to help the fiber travel through faster. Some people have mentioned in the past that hot tea helped them: I believe this is because of the caffeine and the hot liquid aids digestion to work faster. Hot tea is also really good at relieving gas and bloating.

* Overload your gut with a healthy supply of good bacteria with kombucha and kefir. Kombucha has a lot of good digestive enzymes. With kefir , the good bacteria you intake from it will flourish & colonize your gut bacteria permanently.

* EXERCISE. Seriously aim for 30 minutes to an hour per day. The more you sweat comfortably at home, the less your odor will be the day after.

* Low PH body soaps with loofah or brush. Lower ph soaps raise your skin's level to a more acidic environment - making it harder for smelly bacteria to inhabit it. Alkaline ph skin is hospitable for smelly bacteria to colonize it. And using hands alone to soap up won't do much; loofahs or brushes are necessary to fully get clean.

* Bleach your clothes! They have color safe bleach as well. If the odor is so strong there's a good chance it has permeated our clothes - that is too strong for regular detergent to remove.

Please, please to anyone still reading this; if you've tried everything else and are still suffering - give the above methods a try. It may take a month or two : but you should begin to see reactions lessen in 2 weeks. It's different for everyone but especially now with us all being in quarantine now is probably the best time to try this method out before we're all forced out in public again.

If you're low on money and cannot do everything on this list: the high fiber diet and kefir are musts. Doing one without the other will not let you see progress as fast as if you do them together. Kefir may be on the more expensive side but it's worth every penny. You have to replace the bad bacteria in your gut with good bacteria, and that's exactly what it does permanently.

And high fiber is a given. Even though I have been cured, honestly the fbo does come back if I become badly constipated again.

Good luck, all.

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